Photo may have been deleted

A Spirit Airlines passenger tracked down her stolen luggage to the home of a Spirit Airlines retail employee.

Paola Garcia was shocked to find suitcases littering the airline worker’s front yard.

Fort Lauderdale police say Garcia checked her bag after being told she couldn’t take it on the plane.

The college student told Local 10 News she always carries the bag on board with her when she flies.

Garcia said she waited 2 hours at the luggage carousel in Terminal 4 for her pink hard shell roller bag, which never arrived.

Photo may have been deleted

She said the bag contained a MacBook Pro, 2 Apple watches, jewelry, and Gucci clothing.

Panic set in when she realized her bag was stolen. She used an Apple tag to ping the location of her bag, according to Local 10 News.

She tracked the bag to the home of Spirit Airlines retail worker Junior Bazile.

Police arrested Bazile and charged him with grand theft, which is a felony offense in Florida. He was released on bond.

Surveillance video footage showed Bazile rummaging through Garcia’s pink suitcase in a back room of Paradise Shops at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Local 10 reporter Jeff Weinsier went to Bazile’s home and spoke with his invalid mother, who attacked him on camera.

The woman snatched Weinsier’s ID badge and refused to give it back. She accused him of slapping her and she cursed at him.

The police were called and an officer returned Weinsier’s ID badge, but no charges were filed for assault.

Spirit Airlines offered Garcia compensation for her property loss “as a courtesy.”

Garcia believes Bazile is part of a larger theft ring targeting passengers at the airport.

Spirit Airlines is a low-budget carrier based out of Dania Beach, Florida.

Watch Local 10 News report below.