Photo may have been deleted

A man is going viral for paying singer Chris Brown $1,111 to pose with him for a meet & greet photo.

Chris Brown offers fans a chance to meet him during his sold out “The 11:11 Tour” for just $1,111 per photo.

Men took to social media to post their photos with Brown after his meet & greet photos with women went viral last week.

One X/Twitter user wrote: “Y’all mad at females for taking pics but yall have men out here paying 1k to be a power ranger with #ChrisBrown yall can kindly hold this L.”

Others corrected her, noting that the pose is the Super Saiyan Fusion dance from Dragon Ball Z.

One person wrote: “This man paid $1000 bucks to fuse with Chris Brown… That’s money well spent.”

Other women expressed disappointment that there are men willing to pay over $1,000 to meet another man, but can’t pay child support.