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An attorney sent a cease & desist to a Texas rapper who insinuated that Gucci Mane’s former artist, Enchanting, died from a drug overdose.

Channing Nicole Larry, a.k.a. Enchanting, died in a hospital intensive care unit on Tuesday, June 11. The 26-year-old aspiring rapper was a former artist on rapper Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records label.

In a statement on Tuesday, Enchanting’s management team said she was suffering from withdrawals and had overdosed.

However, an attorney representing the Channing family says the drug overdose allegations are false.

Attorney Bria Riley sent a cease & desist to Enchanting’s former boyfriend and aspiring rapper Jhonnie Damn D, who was apparently with Enchanting when she collapsed.

Jhonnie allegedly told paramedics that Enchanting took oxycodone and heroine at a party.

After she was hospitalized, Jhonnie took to social media to share videos and text messages from Enchanting. He also alleged she had taken a drug overdose, and he uploaded a video from her hospital room.

In the cease & desist letter, Riley claimed Jhonnie “violated Ms. Larry’s right of privacy and publicity when you uploaded this video publicly on your Facebook profile using her name and likeness… Thereby, revealing sensitive, private, and personally identifiable information about Ms. Larry without her consent.”

Riley continued: “Additionally, you publicly shared private text conversations between you and Ms. Larry without her consent on your Facebook profile story between June 10th and 11th, 2024… These text conversations again insinuate that Ms. Larry’s health is jeopardized in that she has a history of drug addiction or abuse without any substantiations from law enforcement and/or medical professionals.”

Meanwhile, Jhonnie is receiving death threats on his Instagram page from Enchanting’s fans.

One person wrote: “U gone get yours ! You took my twin bro ! Omg I can’t even say what I really Wannna say.”

Another fan wrote: “U might as well gone check ya self gang somebody gone clap yo ahh u bsn.”

A third person wrote: “you posted a video of her w her eyes closed & it sounded like she could barely talk, why’d you delete it?”