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More than a dozen Wells Fargo Bank employees were fired for pretending to work from home.

Wells Fargo is one of the few banks that still allow employees to work from home as part of their post-pandemic policies.

However, Wells Fargo’s employees were only pretending to work-from-home by using simulation software that gave the impression they were working.

Wells Fargo fired the employees following an investigation into claims that they used cheap software to fake keystrokes on their computers, according to a Bloomberg report.

The 18 employees are accused of using $10 “mouse jigglers,” devices designed to simulate keyboard strokes.

The job terminations were disclosed in a filing to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, viewed by Bloomberg.

“Wells Fargo holds employees to the highest standards and does not tolerate unethical behavior,” a company spokesman told Reuters.

Keystroke jugglers are in widespread use among work-from-home employees. Most WFH employees have resisted efforts to force them back into the office full-time.

Wells Fargo previously modified its WFH policy requiring staffers to be in-person at least three days a week.

Last year, the Biden administration ordered federal employees to return to the office after working remotely from home for years.