Photo may have been deleted

A car repossession went wrong when the repo man drove off with a woman’s baby still inside.

According to News44, a 911 dispatcher received a call from a daycare center where a mother had just dropped off her toddler son.

The caller said someone stole a client’s car with her one-week-old baby still inside.

Sabriya Miles was inside the daycare when a repo man drove off in her car. He was unaware that there was a baby in the back seat.

The frightened mom caught a ride with another daycare client and they chased after her car.

Upon discovering the baby in the backseat, the repo man immediately pulled over and contacted police.

Photo may have been deleted

The Evansville Police Department returned the baby to his worried mother, who thought her son was being kidnapped.

Miles told police she had briefly left her newborn son in a carseat while she dropped off her other son at the daycare.

A local attorney offered to represent Miles for free.

“To think about the humanity of repossessing a car at a daycare, I would have been livid had a dealer done that in my parking lot to a family,” said Tanisha Carothers, a lawyer and daycare owner.

Carothers said the car dealership wouldn’t let Miles get her baby’s car seat and other personal items out of the car.

Carothers is raising money on GoFundMe to help Miles buy a new car.

“She is in desperate need of a vehicle to get back and forth to daycare, doctor appointments,” Carothers said.

“With the right resources and community support, we can completely change a family’s life,” Carothers said.

Miles, who had her first child at 15, said “this is the first time anything like this has happened to me. I won’t let it happen again.”