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Young Thug’s attorney Brian Steele has been held in contempt and arrested following a heated exchange with Judge Ural Glanville on Monday, June 10.

Young Thug, born Jeffery Williams, faces multiple criminal charges under Georgia’s RICO Act. Monday is day 88 of the trial.

The drama began when Steele mentioned an email from prosecution witness Kenneth “Lil Woody” Copeland’s attorney to the state that allegedly said, “F*** you.”

Judge Glanville became visibly upset and demanded to know who told Steele about a private communication in his judge’s chamber.

Steele stated he was not going to reveal the source of the leaked email.

Glanville held Steele in contempt and had him arrested in front of his client, Young Thug.

Later, Steele was brought back into the courtroom and Glanville asked Steele if he has an attorney. Steele said yes, his attorney is Ashleigh Merchant.

Merchant is the same lawyer who exposed the relationship between former special prosecutor Nathan Wade and Fulton County DA Fani Willis.

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Merchant strolled into the courtroom and immediately informed Judge Glanville that he must recuse himself from Steele’s contempt case.

Merchant explained that the judge must turn the case over to another judge since Glanville himself is a witness in Steele’s contempt case.

Merchant also advised Judge Glanville that there are 25 attorneys from the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers waiting in the hallway to help her represent Mr. Steele.

The judge got upset and said he didn’t have any room in his court for that many attorneys.

Merchant looked around the nearly empty courtroom and noted that there was room in the empty jury box.

The judge snapped, “I don’t want them in my jury box okay?”

The judge agreed to allow one of the 25 attorneys into his courtroom to assist Merchant.

“This needs to be heard by a different judge,” Merchant insisted.

After taking a recess, Glanville sentenced Steele to serve the next 10 weekends in the Fulton County Jail for “criminal contempt of court”.

Merchant immediately filed an appeal of Glanville’s ruling.

Steele asked if he can serve his time in jail with his client, Young Thug, if his appeal fails. Glanville agreed.