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A viral video proves WNBA star Caitlin Clark is better than NBA star Steph Curry at one basketball skill.

The @NBA asked Team USA Men’s Basketball players to spin a basketball on their fingers. The video went viral on Sunday. Team USA is training in Las Vegas for the upcoming Paris Olympics.

Fans were shocked to see that Curry is one of three players on the men’s Olympics team who can’t spin a basketball. That’s one of the most basic skills basketball players learn when they’re kids.

X, formerly Twitter, user @ccloveomg posted a video showing Indiana Fever star Caitlin Clark spinning a basketball effortlessly on her finger. The video was recorded during the Fever’s media day a few months ago.

@ccloveomg captioned the video, “‘how’s your spinning?’ ‘pretty good’ *proceeds to spin the ball in the smoothest most flawless way*… women”.

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Fans were stunned that Clark has a better basketball skill than Curry.

“Better than Steph! I was today years old when I learned both he and Lebron kinda suck at spinning a basketball,” one fan wrote on X.
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But NBA fans expressed frustration that Clark is compared to Curry.

One person wrote: Show me one game where being able to do this influenced the outcome of the game – I’ll wait.”

While another person wrote: “How utterly stupid is this? Grasping for straws to make Caitlyn look like she can compete with Steph in basketball. There’s a reason she’s playing in the WNBA and not the NBA.”