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For the first time since Joe Biden was elected president, Democrats have united to throw Biden under the bus.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y) is determined to replace Biden with Vice President Kamala Harris.

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Jeffries reportedly held a virtual meeting with top Democrats on Sunday afternoon.

Fox News reported that Jeffries urged the others to rally around Vice President Harris as a potential successor.

But in the light of day, each Democrat who was present at the meeting denied endorsing Harris as the nominee.

The liberal news media, which protected Biden for years, has also turned against him in recent days.

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According to CNN, a top Parkinson’s disease neurologist held a meeting with Biden’s physician at the White House earlier this year.

Dr. Kevin Cannard, a neurologist at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, met with White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor at the White House in mid-January, according to White House visitor logs.

Cannard has visited the White House three times this year, according to the visitor logs: A January 17 meeting with O’Connor, and with another staffer on January 26 and March 28. Cannard has visited the White House at least eight times over the past year, according to the logs…

CNN notes that press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre denied Biden is being treated for Parkinson’s disease.