Photo may have been deleted

A man who leaked seminal fluid on a woman’s leg at a Philadelphia Dollar Tree store surrendered to police on Wednesday.

Gary Miles, 35, turned himself in one day after police released his photo to the public. Police said charges will announced later today, July 11.

“The PPD extends its gratitude to the public for their assistance in locating Mr. Miles,” a police spokesperson said in a statement on Wednesday.

The incident happened on June 23 at a South Philadelphia Dollar Tree store. The woman filmed her encounter with Miles inside the store.

The footage shows her chasing Miles out of the store while shouting to witnesses that he had dropped seminal fluid on her leg while she was shopping.

As the man fled, the woman can be heard yelling, “He f***ing nu**ed on my f***ing leg!!! You go to hell, b*tch!”

According to CBS News, store employees told police the man was a regular in the shopping plaza. They pointed to a nearby I-95 underpass, where he usually parks his vehicle.

Authorities released photos from the store’s surveillance cameras. The images show a husky Black male wearing a black t-shirt with a graphic of a candy cane and the phrase “It’s not going to lick itself.”

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill offered $2,000 for information on the man’s whereabouts. “Let’s play manhunt,” the rapper wrote on social media.