Magic Mike XXL

Despite millions of dollars spent on promoting Magic Mike XXL, the movie about male exotic dancers failed to enter the Top 3 at the box office this weekend.

MMXXL is the sequel to 2012's sleeper hit Magic Mike, starring Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum.

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Director Tyler Perry's movies are steeped in the gay culture. From the music to the down low men, it's all there on the screen. Most of Tyler's fans are unaware of the down low/gay theme that runs through his movies because most of you are in relationships with down low men and you don't even know it. The tire tracks in your man's drawls don't even raise a red flag. You miss the clues every time.

A loyal reader wrote:

Is it me or do all Tyler Perry movies feature the same women in drunk, abusive, or unhealthy relationships who find a cute homo-erotic looking man, usually played by Hollywood's elite suspect brothas, and get saved by going to church and finding Jesus at the end? Oh yea, and throw in his drag alter ego Madea and some other negrodian "funny" characters and you have a script for the next Tyler Perry movie in a theatre near you. That must be the formula because thats the ONLY thing I ever see with his movies and this new one is no different.

Is he real? I'm not mad at him making that money but the funny thing is people buy into this crap. My question now is why Taraji? why girl? You fought so hard to get White Hollywood to respect you and even nominate you for an Oscar and you sink to this? I'm so disappointed in her for this I don't think she can ever revive her career in White Hollywood again after appearing in a Tyler Perry movie. It's back to Babyboy part 2 and Shawnequa and Rayray straight to DVD movies for her acting career after this movie. Think I'm playing? look at Vivica Fox's acting career these past couple of years. Jennifer Hudson and Halle Berry knew better lol. Oh and Brian White and Adam Rodriguez *lips perched eyes?low just like Wendy* How U Doin? Awrrrriiiight!!!!!!!!!!!