What is wrong with our black professional athletes? London's Daily Mail has a bizarre story about former basketball star Reggie Miller's stalking a bride-to-be. The woman, Ali Kay, is engaged to millionaire financier Alex von Furstenberg, the son of design maven Diane von Furstenberg.

Miller was so smitten with Ali that Alex was forced to take out a restraining order on Miller, though he never filed it.

According to the restraining order, Miller, 43, met Kay, who is Caucasian, at a dinner party last year. He bumped into her again in March at a grocery store and decided to follow her home. His jungle fever was such that Miller began texting and emailing Kay multiple times per hour. He also harassed her by phone.

Miller's unwanted attention caused von Furstenberg to bristle with rage. He confronted Miller who stepped to von Furstenberg and threatened him. "He said he had friends with guns. He implied I would get hurt if I didn't stop questioning him on his inappropriate pursuit of my fiancee and his attempts to subvert his efforts," Mr von Furstenberg wrote.

After attorneys got involved, the matter seemed to resolve itself, and eventually von Furstenberg released a statement saying: "I was very upset about Reggie's behavior towards my fiancée. I think people in Malibu share my views that being a famous basketball player should not provide some sort of shield against inappropriate behavior.

"Reggie sincerely apologised to me on a phone call with Ronald Richards, his attorney, and myself. I cannot comment further on the matter as I believe it has been resolved."

All seemed well until Friday when a plane suddenly appeared in the skies over Malibu dragging a huge banner that read: "REGGIE MILLER STOP PURSUING MARRIED WOMEN." Since ALi Kay is not yet married, we can only assume that Miller has done this sort of thing in the past. How embarrassing that our men get a little money and decide that our women aren't good enough for them.

Miller may not be entirely to blame. It is said that his ex-wife Marita Stavrou took a torch to his $3 million dream home in Indianapolis, burning it to the ground. Miller lost a championship ring, his wedding ring and other sports memorabilia in the fire. Though Marita was never charged, many believe she burned the house down because she wanted to live on the west coast to pursue her acting career. Miller ain't been right since. After his devastating loss and divorce from Stavrou, Miller packed up and moved to Malibu where he set up shop pursuing blonds and brunettes. Did I mention that Stavrou was LSLH?

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