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Atlanta homicide detectives say they've gone months without a day off due to the city's spiraling murder rate.

Channel 2's Lori Wilson spoke to exhausted homicide detectives who say they are overworked and need a break.

"So it's been about since September since I've had a full day off," Atlanta Police Lieutenant Ralph Woolfolk said.

"When they catch a case, it's full on. It's non-stop to make sure that we are driving those cases forward in the right direction," the former child star told Wilson.

The department is struggling to keep up with the soaring homicide rate after veteran detectives quit or retired from the force.

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Woolfolk arrested a suspect in the murder of the mother of one of rapper Young Thug's sons recently.
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But the brutal stabbing of Katherine Janness and her dog Bowie in Piedmont Park in 2021 is still an open case.

Woolfolk said the APD uses seasoned case coaches to help new hires learn the ropes quickly.

"2019 was my first full year here. I had 99 [homicide] cases," Detective Savannah Berry said.

Det. Jarion Shephard said a lot of the newer detectives don't have experience to work homicide cases.

"It helps when you have more experience to come in and start kind of to guide them in the right direction."

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Update: The nurse's name was misspelled in the police report. An RN with the correctly spelled name is licensed in the state of Kansas. She reportedly works as a traveling nurse at an Atlanta hospital.
Originally published on May 7, 2022:

Mystery surrounds the 32-year-old "nurse" who was with Kevin Samuels when he died on Thursday morning.

On Friday several media outlets published a police report revealing the woman's name as O.A. She claimed she met the relationship guru on Wednesday evening and spent the night with him.

O.A. told police that Samuels awoke around 6 a.m. Thursday and complained of chest pain before losing consciousness and collapsing on top of her.

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He was pronounced dead on arrival at Piedmont Hospital.

A search of social media platforms turned up dozens of women with the name O.A.

However, one IG user with the same name identified herself as a 32-year-old RN in Atlanta.

The person used a stolen photo of an Instagram model as her profile pic. Why would an RN do that?

A commenter on a popular message board claims the woman is a traveling RN from Kansas who works at a hospital here in Atlanta. But a search of the Kansas Board of Nursing does not turn up that name as an RN or LPN.

Also, there is no license under that name in Georgia, Florida, Alabama or Tennessee. She has to be licensed temporarily in Georgia if she works at a hospital here.

Did the police ask for identification to confirm who the woman said she was?

Why isn't she licensed anywhere if she is a nurse?

So many questions.

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Police body cam video shows an Atlanta police officer pulling his service weapon on "Black Panther" director Ryan Coogler after a bank teller mistook him for a robber.

The incident happened in January at a Bank of America branch in downtown Atlanta. Coogler entered the branch wearing sunglasses, a face mask, and a knit cap.

He passed the teller a withdrawal slip with a note scribbled on the back.

According to TMZ, Coogler's note read, "I would like to withdraw $12,000 cash from my checking account. Please do the money count somewhere else. I'd like to be discreet."

MediaPunch / BACKGRID

Coogler swiped his BoA card in the reader and showed the teller his ID.
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Even though his note was not suspicious, the teller, a Black pregnant woman, alerted her boss that a bank robbery was in progress, and they called 911.

The 911 dispatcher was skeptical when the employee said she didn't bother to look at Coogler's California ID.

Arriving officers detained Coogler's "baby nurse" and another person waiting for him in an SUV outside the bank.

Police body cam footage obtained by TMZ shows one cop drawing his gun out of his holster while ordering Coogler to put his hands behind his back.

Coogler quickly complied with the officer's orders. "Is there any reason y'all doing this, bruh?" he asked the cop, who replied, "Give me one second."

After placing Coogler in the backseat of a patrol unit, the director explained that he has a sick baby at home and he wanted to withdraw $12,000 to pay his "baby nurse," who requires payment in cash.

Coogler told the cops he passed the teller the note because he didn't feel safe withdrawing such a large amount of cash.

Some bank tellers don't practice discretion. They typically yell large transactions in earshot of other bank customers.

Coogler asked for the names and badge numbers of every officer who responded to the 911 call.

Watch the video below and listen to audio of the 911 call:


MediaPunch / BACKGRID

Black Panther director Ryan Coogler was briefly handcuffed by Atlanta police after a bank teller accused him of attempting to hold up her bank.

The incident occurred in January at a Bank of America branch, according to a police report obtained by TMZ.

Coogler was detained after he walked into the branch wearing shades and a COVID face mask. He handed the teller a withdrawal slip with a note scribbled on the back.

According to TMZ, Coogler's note read, "I would like to withdraw $12,000 cash from my checking account. Please do the money count somewhere else. I'd like to be discreet."

Zinzi Evans, Ryan Coogler at World Premiere of Marvel Studios Black Panther


High net worth individuals routinely slip notes to bank tellers because bank tellers have no discretion when making large transactions. It's not unusual for a teller to yell in front of everybody: "DO YOU WANT $12,000 IN LARGE BILLS?!"

Even though his note wasn't suspicious, the teller - a pregnant Black woman - told her boss Coogler was attempting to rob the bank, and they called 911, according to TMZ.

When officers arrived, they detained 2 people waiting outside for Coogler in an SUV. Police entered the bank and brought Coogler out in handcuffs.

MediaPunch / BACKGRID

After an investigation, police realized it was all a mistake, and they blamed the BoA employee for jumping to the wrong conclusion.

According to the police report, the teller's computer triggered some sort of an alert when she tried to make the transaction.

Coogler was not pleased with BoA or the cops. The police report notes that he asked for badge numbers of the officers at the scene.

Coogler is in Atlanta filming the sequel to Black Panther.

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Atlanta police held a private chat with a few select journalists to update them on the Piedmont Park murder case on Thursday.

According to CBS46 reporter Hayley Mason, Atlanta police dropped hints that someone close to Katherine Janness may be her killer.

"Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant tells me no one has been ruled out as a suspect in the Piedmont Park murder case. He says the case is still wide open and active. The department has faced challenges accessing video from park cameras and is still working to recover images."

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More details have emerged since the 40-year-old bartender was brutally stabbed while walking her dog, Bowie, in Piedmont Park on July 28.

Police confirmed rumors that a slur was carved into Janness' body and her head was nearly severed during the attack.

Audio of the 911 call placed by Janness' partner, Emma Clark, cast suspicion on her.

Twitter users noted how "calm" Clark sounded during the phone call.

Clark told a bystander, "Did you just see that? That's my f***ing girlfriend."

A GoFundMe account raised more than $70,000 for Clark who has since left Atlanta.

PETA offered $10,000 for information leading to the killer(s), in addition to the $10,000 already offered by the Atlanta Police Department.

The Atlanta City Council approved new cameras in parks following the murder. The investigation is hampered by the lack of functioning cameras in the park that night.

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Atlanta police released 6 surveillance photos of possible witnesses or a suspect in the Piedmont Park murder case.

Katherine "Katie" Janness, 40, was brutally stabbed along with her dog, Bowie, in Piedmont Park just after midnight Wednesday, July 28.

Her body was found around 1 a.m. by her life partner, Emma Clark, who used a Find My Phone app to ping Janness' phone.

The 6 photos were released at a news conference on Tuesday, Aug. 3. They show 4 people leaving the park through separate gates around the time of Janness' murder.

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Atlanta PD

Two of the photos shows a Black male wearing a white tank top and grey jogging pants. He is walking with an aluminum offset cane.

A large spot of what appears to be blood is smeared on the right side of his tank top. He is carrying something in his left hand.

The man is seen leaving the park through the gate at 12th Street and Piedmont Avenue at 12:25 a.m., approximately 45 minutes before Janness' body is found.

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Atlanta PD

Another photo shows two women leaving the park through the gate at Charles Allen Drive and 10th Street, about 100 yards from the spot where Janness and her dog were found.

The same two women are seen in another photo trailing behind a third person talking on a cell phone.

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Atlanta PD

Police said they would like to speak with the four people in the photographs who may have seen or heard something.

The witnesses/suspects are Black. Three of them appear to be women.

Police insist there is no evidence of a serial killer on the loose in Atlanta.

The FBI is involved in the case. Atlanta police and Crime Stoppers are offering a $10,000 reward for anyone with information.

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Atlanta PD

Violent crime in Atlanta is up 60% in Atlanta since January. The Atlanta Police Department took to Facebook to beg gang members to stop shooting each other.

The Atlanta Police Department launched a "Think before you shoot" campaign on Facebook, begging residents to please stop shooting at each other.

"Healthy conflict resolution requires maturity. Choosing guns to resolve conflict does not. Think before you shoot," the campaign reads.

The most recent homicide was Wednesday afternoon when a 30-year-old man was gunned down at a southeast Atlanta park.

And two security guards were shot over the weekend at rapper 2 Chainz's nightclub.

Police say the bouncers were shot and wounded at Members Only Lounge off Ralph McGill Boulevard at around 3:30 a.m. Sunday.

Prince Williams/

The lounge is a joint venture between 2 Chainz and club promoter Mychel "Snoop" Dillard.

"We're hoping that people will see the message and think twice before they resort to picking up a gun," APD spokeswoman Chata Spikes told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"Anger + Guns Adds Up to Nothing Good. You cannot put the bullet back in the chamber once it is discharged," the post reads. "Many have learned this the hard way."

The murder rate in Atlanta has tripled in the first three months of 2021. In three more months, the murder rate will equal all of last year's Atlanta homicides.

The situation is so dire that the Mayor's Office and the City Council considered paying gang members to stop shooting at each other.

Atlanta's murder rate is on pace to become the highest in the city's history.

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Cobb County PD

A former Atlanta police officer robbed Cobb County hotel guests while wearing his full police uniform and badge, authorities say.

Justin Thorne was arrested and charged with multiple felonies in connection with an armed robbery at a Comfort Inn and Suites off Windy Hill Road in Cobb County, Ga, Channel 2 Action News reports.

Thorne was captured on the hotel's surveillance cameras in the hallway outside the room of 2 hotel guests visiting from Arkansas on Oct. 17.

Thorne was dressed in full police uniform, including a bulletproof vest, hat, a gun belt and a police badge, according to WSB-TV.

The 22-year-old officer forced the hotel guests to hand over $800 in cash and an iPhone worth $700.

Thorne joined the Atlanta Police Department in 2017 and worked as a patrol officer on the city's southeast side until earlier this year when he resigned.

According to documents obtained by WSB-TV, in September Thorne was the subject of an investigation into allegations that he took payment from a suspect to make an outstanding warrant go away.

"When Thorne was asked by OPS to make a statement about the allegation, he chose to abruptly resign on October 1," according to the APD's Office of Professional Standards.

Cobb County Police are trying to determine if there are other victims.


A neighbor of a Real Housewives of Atlanta star was arrested after a SWAT standoff that lasted for several hours on Wednesday.

George R. Moore was arrested after firing a gunshot inside his mansion in the affluent Manor Golf and County Club in Milton, GA.

Channel 2's Mike Petchenik, was at the scene when police and SWAT officers set up a perimeter around the house in the gated subdivision of million dollar homes near Hopewell and Hamby roads.

Petchenik learned that Moore is the next-door neighbor of Kim Zolciak and her husband, ex-NFL player Kroy Biermann.

Footage shot by NewsChopper 2 shows a man come outside and surrender to police, who handcuffed him and led him to a police cruiser.

The drama unfolded on Wednesday afternoon after family members called police to report that someone at the home was in distress and asked for a welfare check.

When officers arrived at the home, Moore refused to open the door and hung up on them when they called his phone.

Police later determined Moore had fired a handgun inside the home. No one else was in the home at the time.

Moore was charged with reckless conduct and booked into the Fulton County jail.

"This is the kind of resolution that we hope for when we get into these situations," Captain Charles Barstow told Petchenik.


Zolciak's chef, Tracey Bloom, was cooking dinner at the time of the incident.

"When I was in the house, everyone was running around," Bloom told Petchenik. "I was just cooking and I was like, 'What's going on?' My boss, Kim, was like, 'Get all the wine and bring it down to the safe room.'"

Bloom said she's seen the man before in the neighborhood.

"From what I hear, he was cool, but then if you got on his bad side, he'd go crazy and get weird and stuff like that," Bloom said. "I hope this guy gets the help he needs."

Iris Rowe

When a College Park SWAT team raided a drug den on Godby Road in South Fulton County on Monday, they found 2 suspected drug dealers, a stash of marijuana with a street value of $30,000, and an off-duty police officer who was apparently hanging out with the suspects.

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Lenox Square Mall

Atlanta police are on the hunt for 2 suspects involved in the brazen shooting of a tourist outside Lenox Square Mall on Wednesday.

Jenna White, of Myrtle Beach, was with her fiancée, Harrison Roff, and their 2-year-old son at Lenox when she stopped at a jewelry store.

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guilford forest

If you've ever driven past Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed's home inside the once prestigious Guilford Forest subdivision, you can't miss the lone Atlanta PD patrol unit guarding the house 24/7.

But the constant presence of Atlanta's finest didn't stop a violent home invasion from occurring just steps away from the mayor's front door.

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A massive police manhunt is underway in Atlanta for the graffiti artist responsible for the spray painting pictured above.

The Atlanta Police Dept. is not pleased that the artist depicted Elmer Fudd dressed in a police uniform alongside a sign that reads "Negro Season" on a building in midtown.

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