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A cat lover was eaten by her 20 pet cats after she collapsed at home last month, The Sun UK reports. The woman was not discovered until two weeks after she died.

A co-worker called police to conduct a welfare check after she failed to show up for work, The NY Post reported.

The woman was a cat breeder who kept the 20 pedigree Maine Coon cats in her home. Maine Coon cats are an extremely popular pedigree cat breed that originated in the US state of Maine, according to The Post.

Police were alerted by a concerned co-worker when she could not contact her boss.

Police forced their way into the home and discovered the woman's decomposing body surrounded by the hungry cats.

"The cats were left alone on their own for two weeks, there was no food, so what else to eat?" said one animal rescue expert who cared for some of the cats.

"It's understandable right? They ate what there was," said the animal expert.

Some of the cats that didn't dine on their owner showed signs of advanced starvation and required intravenous fluids at an animal hospital.

The healthiest cats have been rehomed to new owners for just $35 each.

It is unknown if the new owners aware of their cat's newly acquired taste for human flesh.

Studies have shown that cats and dogs will eat their deceased owners if there is nothing else to eat.

Question: Would you buy or adopt a cat that ate its previous owner?

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A bizarre incident on board a Delta Airlines plane has travelers wondering about Delta's policy on breastfeeding animals in the cabin.

It all began when a pilot sent an ACARS in-flight message from the cockpit to the air traffic controllers on the ground.

The message read: "[Passenger] in [seat] 13A is breastfeeding a cat and will not put cat back in its carrier when [flight attendant] requested."

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The passenger and her exotic pet were traveling on a Delta flight from Syracuse, NY, to Atlanta, GA last month.

A Delta flight attendant explained what happened in a since-deleted post on TikTok: "This woman had one of those, like, hairless cats swaddled up in a blanket so it looked like a baby."

The woman wasn't arrested when the plane landed at Hartsfield International, but the pilot demanded Delta's Redcoat ground team meet the customer to reprimand her.

If you're wondering whether you can breastfeed a cat on a major airliner such as Delta, the answer is yes.

"Delta fully supports a woman's right to breastfeed on board Delta and Delta Connection aircraft and in Delta facilities. Breast pumps are allowed on board. At the airport and if you prefer, many airports do offer private lactation rooms or spaces."

It's bad enough that the passenger sitting next to you has a cat out of its carrier. But breastfeeding the feline is going too far.

We are fortunate that there are no video recordings floating around the Internet. Our eyes would not be able to unsee that.

When human beings dress up their furry friends in Halloween costumes, is it just good fun or animal cruelty? The tradition of dressing up animals in costumes every Halloween may seem like fun for you, but for your animal it could be deadly.

Animals already have coats -- thick, furry coats that keep them warm when the temperature drops near zero. When they are covered in warm clothing their ability to regulate their internal temperature can be disrupted. Dogs can overheat and die.

If you are one of the insensitive pet owners who dress up your dogs for fun, here's an overview of what happens when your dog overheats. Unlike humans who sweat to cool off, dogs don't sweat. When a dog is hot he pants by breathing quickly to remove heat from his body. Some dogs may drool excessively when they overheat as well.

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