By Sandra Rose  | 

When human beings dress up their furry friends in Halloween costumes, is it just good fun or animal cruelty? The tradition of dressing up animals in costumes every Halloween may seem like fun for you, but for your animal it could be deadly.

Animals already have coats -- thick, furry coats that keep them warm when the temperature drops near zero. When they are covered in warm clothing their ability to regulate their internal temperature can be disrupted. Dogs can overheat and die.

If you are one of the insensitive pet owners who dress up your dogs for fun, here's an overview of what happens when your dog overheats. Unlike humans who sweat to cool off, dogs don't sweat. When a dog is hot he pants by breathing quickly to remove heat from his body. Some dogs may drool excessively when they overheat as well.

According to, dogs who overheat can appear to be sluggish or disoriented. He may seem sleepy or slowly chase his tail. The dog's gums, tongue and the whites of his eyes may be bright red. He may vomit and he eventually he will collapse, or have seizures and go into a coma.

Having a few laughs at your pet's expense may result in his death.

Photos: Daily Mail

  • prynsexxx

    You can't LOOK at a dog sideways nowadays and it be considered animal cruelty. :rolleyes: What about our children? :wail:

  • prynsexxx

    What is up with this site, yo?

  • Donna del Gatto

    :rofl: too funny, and cute! :heart:

  • kingstonn

    all three of my dogs have costumes. guess they'll overheat and die in the 35 degree weather we're sposed to have later tonight. :rolleyes:

  • Oprahs Bunion

    Animal Cruelty? Come on, it's not that serious. I think most of the costumes are very creative.

  • capricorn83

    Maybe if the costume was a floor length mink coat and the dog was running marathons in 78 degree weather...

    The average pet costume is not heavy enough to cause overheating. My dog will be proudly wearing his and scaring off neighborhood children..just as nature intended

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  • EB

    Are they dressed like the KKK in the last pic? :no:

  • JD

    My dog loves his costume, sweaters, and tees...He hardly lets me take the ish off. Dogs like to feel warm. They are DOGS (derived from WOLVES)and are used to being in warm, closed in spaces. NOT ANIMAL CRUELTY.


    Hey Yalll!!! :waves: <---My cat's outfit... he's dressing up as a dog with glasses on his butt

    I think the costumes are funny! Hell we spend all year feeding grooming entertaining and cleaning up poop after our pets. So once a year we get to laugh at their azzess.. :coffee:

  • mzwhang90210

    <--- "Thank you Sandra. Humans can be quite insensitive at times. Hmph!"

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    no dog for me to worry about

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    The vampire & casket is creative.

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    prynsexxx says:

    You can’t LOOK at a dog sideways nowadays and it be considered animal cruelty. What about our children?

    Thank you. I dont have a soft spot for dogs. I dayum near hate those mofos. PETA can kiss my azz

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  • Lucy

    EB says:
    October 31, 2012 at 11:52 am

    Are they dressed like the KKK in the last pic?
    No. They are ghosts.