When human beings dress up their furry friends in Halloween costumes, is it just good fun or animal cruelty? The tradition of dressing up animals in costumes every Halloween may seem like fun for you, but for your animal it could be deadly.

Animals already have coats — thick, furry coats that keep them warm when the temperature drops near zero. When they are covered in warm clothing their ability to regulate their internal temperature can be disrupted. Dogs can overheat and die.

If you are one of the insensitive pet owners who dress up your dogs for fun, here’s an overview of what happens when your dog overheats. Unlike humans who sweat to cool off, dogs don’t sweat. When a dog is hot he pants by breathing quickly to remove heat from his body. Some dogs may drool excessively when they overheat as well.

According to Petplace.com, dogs who overheat can appear to be sluggish or disoriented. He may seem sleepy or slowly chase his tail. The dog’s gums, tongue and the whites of his eyes may be bright red. He may vomit and he eventually he will collapse, or have seizures and go into a coma.

Having a few laughs at your pet’s expense may result in his death.

Photos: Daily Mail