TMZ reports that singer Cee-Lo Green was charged with sexual battery in Los Angeles, but the Grammy winner denies the charges.

Law enforcement tells TMZ that a woman recently filed a police report with the LAPD, accusing “The Voice” judge – real name Thomas DeCarlo Callaway — of a sexual assault following a hasty intimate encounter at a restaurant.

Cee Lo, who eats out frequently, vigorously denied the charges to TMZ, saying he hasn’t been to the restaurant in question in 3 months. “Nothing ever happened there or anywhere else,” he said.

TMZ also spoke with Goodie MoB member Big Gipp (pictured above right) who is a constant presence in Cee Lo’s life on the road. Gipp said, “I have never seen Cee Lo act in a physical way toward anybody.” I can attest to that. I’ve seen Cee Lo out and about in Atlanta — and although he mean mugged me something vicious, he has never acted physically toward me.

To call Cee Lo “sexy” would be a misnomer, but make no mistake about it, he bags multiple women. Everyone knows about the breezy Cee Lo keeps on call in Dallas, TX. Cee Lo recently bought her a car, and I’m told he pays all of her bills. They say she’s not the only jump off who benefits from Cee-Lo’s generosity. He pays the bills of at least 2 women right here in Atlanta. The unemployment rate remains at an all-time high in Georgia, so Cee Lo does his part to help out whenever he can.

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