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A reader emailed me insisting that mumble rapper Gunna dressed up as Rihanna for Halloween.

As you know, Rihanna nearly broke the Internet when she dressed up as her crush, Gunna, for Halloween.

Photo may have been deleted


Black Twitter had a field day dissecting Rihanna's costume and mocking her boyfriend A$Ap Rocky.

However, a loyal reader emailed your auntie, claiming Gunna dressed up as Rihanna for Halloween -- and she provided receipts.

She sent me a video of a guy she claims is rapper Gunna dressed in a red wig and booty shorts just like Rihanna wore in her music video for "What's My Name."

I don't know, y'all. I suspect someone is pulling my leg. The guy in the video doesn't look like Gunna at all.

Prince Williams/Wireimage

Here is a photo of Gunna (he's the one in the middle).

Watch the video below and let me know what you think.


Photo may have been deleted


Black Twitter is mocking rapper A$AP Rocky after his girlfriend, Rihanna, dressed up as another mumble rapper for Halloween.

Those of you who celebrate the pagan holiday know that a lot of thought and effort goes into designing your costume.

Just the idea that Rihanna put that much thought into dressing up as another man - and not her man - should concern A$AP.

I would have a talk with my girlfriend if she dressed up as another blogger instead of me.

Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

A$AP began dating Rihanna last year after she dumped (or got dumped) by Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel.

Photo may have been deleted


The Internet is having a field day dissecting Rihanna's costume. They say she wants Gunna to know she has a crush on him.

The fact that she went to such great lengths to dress up in a Gunna costume probably means Rihanna tried to holla at him -- but got rejected.

They say Gunna is already taken.

Prince Williams/Wireimage

If you recall, the barrel-chested rapper was hospitalized with pneumonia recently. His rumored lover Young Thug made a big show out of visiting his bedside and presenting him with not one, not two, not three, but four very expensive watches.

A$AP, who was born Rakim Mayers, previously dated Calvin Klein model Jasmine Daniels. He has also been plagued with teh ghey rumors for most of his career.


Gunfire erupted outside a Hollywood venue where singer/actress Teyana Taylor held her Halloween bash on Saturday night.

Teyana's Halloween party was in full swing at the Sunset Room when three armed men approached three woman standing outside the club.

TMZ sources claim on of the victim's was pistol-whipped when she refused to hand over her purse and valuables. A security guard who witnessed the armed robbery stepped in to protect the women.

The security guard exchanged gunfire with one of the armed suspects, but no one was hit.

The three thugs fled in a car and are still at large.

An ambulance was called to the scene but the woman who was pistol whipped refused medical attention.

Taylor has yet to comment on the incident.


Teyana is pictured attending a Halloween bash at the Highlight Room on Sunday.


Meanwhile, Amber Rose pushed the limits of decency with her revealing Halloween costume at a party in Los Angeles.


Willow Smith dressed as her dad Will Smith for Halloween. Just kidding. According to, Willow channeled Tyler Durden (Fight Club) at Catch LA on Sunday.


Actress Megan Good attended a Halloween bash at the Highlight Room in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Check out more photos from other celebrity Halloween parties in Hollywood over the weekend.

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Instagram/Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant shared a Halloween photo of the Brooklyn Nets training staff posing with superstar James Harden.

The Nets are among the NBA franchises replacing their male training staff with all women because studies show the players' injuries improve much faster.

Athletic trainers require at least a bachelor's degree in sports medicine, which means the ladies have above average intelligence -- which men appreciate.

What the players don't appreciate is their wives and girlfriends dropping by the training facility more often to check on them.

Photo may have been deleted

Instagram/Kevin Durant

Durant posted the image of the training staff dressed as Harden on his Instagram stories on Sunday.

Harden's offensive struggles improved on Sunday. He tied NBA legend Larry Bird with his 59th career triple-double as the Nets routed the Detroit Pistons 117-91.

After the game, Harden said he is "confident" in his rhythm again. Harden has struggled offensively due to NBA rules changes this season which affected his game.

A new NBA foul rule prevents players like Harden from forcing foul calls by doing "unnatural shooting motions" such as hooking another player's arm in the act of shooting.

Harden's offensive numbers are way down since last season and he's not getting to the foul line as often as he used to.

Getty Images

Lil Nas X hit back at fellow rapper Dave East for "homophobic" comments he made about the "Old Town Road" rapper's decision to dress up as his idol Nicki Minaj for Halloween.

The country music crossover artist turned heads over the weekend as he showed off his transformation into a 2010 version of Nicki, wearing a skin-tight pink animal print bodysuit with fake boobs. He also rocked a half blonde and half pink wig and matching lipstick.

Lil Nas X, who used to run a Nicki Minaj fan page on Twitter, completed his bold costume with fake nails, chunky pink and yellow bangles, and a pair of neon green stilettos. He posed for photos while straddling a motorcycle ice sculpture, similar to the one featured in Nicki's video for her "Super Bass" hit.

While many Instagram followers applauded the effeminate 21 year old for his eye-popping costume, Dave East made it clear he still wasn't a fan, after previously dismissing Lil Nas X's only hit as "super wack".

"And y'all was mad at me about this n***a", said Dave, referencing the backlash he received last year for criticizing the openly ghey rapper's viral success.

Photo may have been deleted

"BATI MON BUN UP!!!!" East wrote in another now-deleted post, using Jamaican patois to utter a gay slur, typically spelled, "batty man". It originated in the Caribbean country, where homosexuality is still considered illegal.

Dave also added, "I gotta move to Jamaica," and tagged Jamaican artist Popcaan as he declared, "on my wayyyyy".

Lil Nas X, who emerged from the closet to much fanfare in June, 2019, pointed out that Dave misspelled his insult.

"It's 'batty man'," Nas X tweeted. "n**gas can't even be homophobic the proper way smh [shaking my head] butchering the hell out of the patois".

"Bro I don't bother a soul in this industry," he continued. "All I do is tweet and make bangers. Leave me alone D**n."

When a fan tweeted: "The Bible says that a man is not supposed to wear anything that pertains to a woman," Nas X responded, "with all due respect that's not my problem that’s yours."

Rachel Luna/WireImage

Travis Scott can't take a joke. The mumble rapper deactivated his Instagram account after fans mocked his Halloween costume.

The 29-year-old Taurus fled Instagram late Sunday night after fans created memes of his costume and laughed at him, according to

Travis dressed up as the DC Comics hero and showed off the Michael Keaton-inspired costume, which was brown, while he posed next to his brown vehicles.

The detailed costume didn't get the response the hitmaker had hoped for, with many fans compared the costume more to a cockroach than the caped crusader.

While many think he deleted his page because of the costume, others speculated that Travis stepped back from the platform to release new music.

AFP via Getty Images

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump invited children to their Halloween celebration at the White House in Washington, DC, on Sunday, October 25, 2020.

Trump and the first lady were tickled to see a boy dressed in a Trump costume.

The holiday celebration comes weeks after President Trump recovered from a mild Covid-19 infection. Melania recently made her first public appearance after testing positive for the coronavirus. They are both immune to the virus.

Olivier Douliery/AFP/Getty Images

President Trump returned a youngster's salute as Melania looked on. The first couple maintained social distancing behind a row of flowers. Hand sanitizer was placed out for children and their parents.

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Some children wanted to get up close and personal with the Trumps, who were amused at children walking right up to them despite the barrier.

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Neither Trump nor the first lady wore face masks as they welcomed the children to their home. Due to Covid-19 they did not hand out candy to the children. Instead, bags of goodies were set up on tables off to the sides for families to pick up during the event.

Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Celebrity narcissists begin planning their Halloween costumes on November 1 - the day after Halloween. The spirit of the holiday has been lost on celebrities who use the occasion to show off their elaborate, over-the-top, expensive costumes.

JNI/Star Max/GC Images

Narcissists don't care about taking their children trick-or-treating. Celebrity narcissists typically hire others to take their child trick-or-treating or they throw parties for the kids, which kills the spirit of the holiday for the kids.

Gone are the days of celebrity children showing off their Halloween costumes to their neighbors. Now their parents leave the kids at home to show off their extravagant costumes to the world.

Fans are growing wary of celebrity narcissists hijacking Halloween to boost their egos.

Question: Who is the worst Halloween celebrity narcissist?

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Actress Gabrielle Union, 47, celebrated Halloween by posting images of herself in a cheerleading uniform from her Bring It On movie days.

Many of you pointed out a noticeable lump above Union's bellybutton. Your auntie is not a doctor, but the lump appears to be a supraumbilical hernia, which simply means a hernia above the bellybutton. A supraumbilical hernia should not be confused with an umbilical hernia.

What is a supraumbilical hernia?

According to Doctors NDTV, a supraumbilical hernia is a type of ventral or abdominal wall hernia. A supraumbilical hernia is less common than umbilical hernias that spontaneously close in some babies by age 3.

What causes a supraumbilical hernia?

A supraumbilical hernia is the result of a defect just above the umbilical ring muscle. The umbilical ring muscle weakens and allows fat or part of internal organs to protrude through the small hole.

The muscle defect combined with increased intra-abdominal pressure causes the hole to increase and allows more of the organ to protrude through. Increased intra-abdominal pressure can be caused by excessive or high-intensity exercises.

Unlike spontaneous umbilical hernias that may or may not require surgery to close, a supra-umbilical hernia usually always requires surgery to close.

There is usually no pain or discomfort at the hernia site. Surgery can wait a few months, unless the hernia begins to grow or causes discomfort.

How is a supraumbilical hernia treated?

A doctor will perform routine surgery under a general anesthetic to push the protrusion back inside the abdomen and close the hole. Stitches are used to strengthen the weakness in the muscle wall.

This has been your Medical Minute.

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Brought It. #CaliforniaLove

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This is 47! Some nuggets I've learned to embrace... As long as I got a plate (full or not) I'm gonna try to make sure everybody eats. If the seat you are offering me at your wack ass table means I cant sleep at night, that's a hard pass for me. I'll go to my grave creating the world's biggest most inclusive table centering the voices, lives and best interests of our most marginalized peoples. My time with my family is priceless. Admit when you are wrong. And dont offer terrible apologies that include "I'm sorry IF..." Center your joy, peace and grace. Always remember that not everyone is going to love you, like you or support you. That's not ANY of your business. You can STILL love them, support them and champion them & their work. You lose nothing celebrating folks, even the ones who would prefer you take a long walk off a short plank. Dont apologize for doing what's right for YOU. There is no pot of gold at the end of your life for doing what everyone else thinks you should. LIVE! Evolution is a beautiful thing. Just cuz you were a dumbass doesn't mean you have to STAY a dumbass. Learn, grow & evolve. Have fun with cool folks and dont leave until the lights come on!! Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeee ????????????????????

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Atlanta's Wright-Rushing family, Antonia, Reginae, Robert and Reign, dressed up as the creepy clone family from the movie Us for Halloween. Other celebrities stepped out in designer Halloween costumes to scare young ghouls out trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Which celebrity costume was your favorite?

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Resputia. How ya durinnnnn???????????

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Brought It. #CaliforniaLove

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