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Lil Nas X is being roasted online for dressing up as a soiled tampon for Halloween. The one-hit rapper angered social media users by mocking women’s menstrual cycles.

Outraged women took to Twitter/X to criticize the rapper for “making light” of feminine issues.

One Twitter/X user wrote:

“Lil Nas X who ‘went into labor’ to promote his album, and released a song about worshipping Satan while giving the devil a lap dance, dressed up as a used tampon for Halloween. He’s a gross degenerate, desperate for attention.”

Another woman wrote:

“Lil nas x dressing up as a bloody tampon is the most annoying thing I’ve seen tonight. He does nothing except romanticize things that give women pain.”

A third person tweeted:

“Gay men often think they can get a pass without realizing they can be equally misogynistic… it’s not up to cis men to make light of things like this.”

A fourth person said: “As someone who has a vagina, this is not it.”

Others called for fans to cancel him. “As a woman, I feel disrespected by his actions. Lil nas x is cancelled forever,” one person wrote.