Tim Warner/Getty Images

Ex-NFL star Robert Griffin III was astonished by what he saw on Halloween night this year.

Most parents took their children trick-or-treating on their own street on Tuesday, Oct. 31.

But some parents from low-income neighborhoods take their children to the other side of town for the “good candy.”

In today’s economy, the good candy (bigger candy bars and larger packs of gum) are expensive. A bowl of the good candy can cost $50 or more. Some people are complaining about carloads of children being dropped off in their neighborhoods for the good candy.

So one of Griffin’s millionaire neighbors came up with an ingenious idea to discourage unwanted visitors.

Griffin commented on a new trend that is gaining traction – especially in affluent neighborhoods.

Griffin and his wife, Grete, dressed up as Gomez and Uncle Fester of “The Adams Family” for Halloween. Griffin was stunned when he saw what was happening at a house near his home.

“Tonight our family experienced something like never before,” he wrote on Twitter/X on Tuesday. “We have NEVER seen someone selling candy at their door for trick or treating kids. Tonight we did and WHAT THE FUDGE IS THAT!”

According to a report from Datasembly, the price of candy and gum has soared 12.8% over the past year — nearly twice the amount of groceries.