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R. Kelly's attorney filed a motion to block potential jurors who have seen the Lifetime docuseries "Surviving R. Kelly."

Kelly, 55, was convicted of trafficking women in New York, and sentenced to 30 years in prison in June.

The disgraced R&B singer has returned to his native Chicago, where he will stand trial for child sex trafficking and other federal offenses.

About 100 potential jurors filled out questionnaires last week, the Chicago Tribune reported. The questionnaires are the first steps to seat a jury pool in Kelly's upcoming federal trial.

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In her motion, Kelly's attorney Jennifer Bonjean said a number of potential jurors indicated they had watched "Surviving R. Kelly."

"Some potential jurors who have seen the documentary have indicated that they are still capable of being impartial. This representation is in a word – absurd," she wrote.

Jury selection in the case begins Monday, Aug. 15.

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Meanwhile, Kelly's former live-in girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage claims she is pregnant with his unborn child.
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She made the revelation in her 11-page pamphlet, strong>available on Amazon, titled "Love and Joy of Robert."

Joycelyn, 26, didn't explain how she managed to fall pregnant when Kelly has been incarcerated for three years and was never allowed conjugal visits.

Bonjean adamantly denied Joycelyn is carrying Kelly's child.

She told TMZ that Joycelyn is "certainly not pregnant with R. Kelly's child."

The attorney added that some "people are just insane."

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A Russian judge sentenced WNBA star Brittney Griner to 9 years in prison on Thursday. Griner pleaded guilty last month to smuggling cannabis oil in vape pens into Russia.

Griner's attorneys asked for leniency, but the judge agreed with the prosecution's recommendation for a sentence of 9.5 years.

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Judge Anna Sotnikova reduced the sentence by 6 months for time served, since Griner has been in custody since her arrest in February.

Griner stared blankly at the judge when her sentence was translated into English.

Griner, 31, previously said she was rushing to pack and didn't realize the vape pens were in her luggage.

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The Biden administration has not responded to Griner's quick sentencing. Her trial, which began in June, was expected to last 6 months.

The Biden administration had offered to swap Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout for Griner and former U.S. Marine Paul Whelan who was arrested in 2018 and charged with spying for the US.

But former President Donald Trump objected to the prisoner swap. Trump called Griner "spoiled", and he said she should remain in Russia if a prisoner exchange meant endangering American lives.

Griner will be transferred from the detention center to a woman's prison to begin serving her sentence.

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Brittney Griner's drug trial resumed on Tuesday, July 26. The slow-moving trial began on July 1 and is expected to drag on for five months, according to reports.

For her courtroom attire, Griner chose the same Cross Colours Black Lives Matter hoodie she wore when she was arrested at a Moscow airport in mid-February.

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The black hoodie features the words "Cross Colours" on the sleeves and "Black Lives For Peace" on the back.

In an earlier trial, Griner acknowledged carrying vape cartridges containing cannabis oil in her luggage when she arrived in Moscow, Russia on Feb. 17.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist and Phoenix Mercury center said she rushed to pack and did not realize the vape pens were in her luggage.

Her attorney presented a letter from a doctor who suggested she use cannabis oil for pre-existing conditions such as ADHD.

The US State Department has officially declared Griner a political prisoner who is "wrongfully detained".

But the Russian government rejected the designation, according to the NY Post.

"If a U.S. citizen was taken in connection with the fact that she was smuggling drugs, and she does not deny this, then this should be commensurate with our Russian local laws, and not with those adopted in San Francisco, New York and Washington," spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

She added: "If drugs are legalized in the United States, in a number of states, and this is done for a long time and now the whole country will become drug-addicted, this does not mean that all other countries are following the same path."

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Brittney Griner plead guilty on Thursday to carrying cannabis oil into Russia in her luggage in February.

Griner, 31, plead guilty during day 2 of her trial in Khimki, outside Moscow on Thursday, July 7.

"I'd like to plead guilty, your honor. But there was no intent. I didn't want to break the law," Griner said, according to Reuters.

She said she packed her luggage quickly and didn't realize the drugs were in her bag.

"I'd like to give my testimony later. I need time to prepare," she added. Her statement was translated into Russian for the court.

Griner's trial is expected to last several weeks or months, according to reports.

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The two-time Olympic gold medalist and WNBA champion wore a red t-shirt with the word "Crenshaw" on the front and red jogging pants to court.

She was detained at Moscow airport in February on charges of carrying vape cartridges containing cannabis oil in her luggage. If convicted, the charge could carry a 10-year prison sentence.

Griner wrote a letter to the Biden administration pleading for help. The letter was delivered to the US President on Monday, July 4.

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Joe Biden spoke to Griner's significant other, Cherelle Griner, on the phone, and assured her that he is working to win her release as soon as possible.

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Fans and players in the WNBA and NBA show support for the political prisoner at every game.

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Her initials "BG" are painted on WNBA and NBA home courts, and players, such as Phoenix Mercury teammate Diana Taurasi and Celtics star Jaylen Brown, wear t-shirts with her name and initials printed on them.

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A lawyer representing Deshaun Watson says 20 0f 24 lawsuits filed against him by massage therapists have been settled. The 4 remaining lawsuits are expected to go to trial.

The Cleveland Browns quarterback has reached an agreement to settle 20 of the 24 civil lawsuits filed by women who claimed he sexually harassed them during massage therapy sessions, an attorney for the women said Tuesday.

"Today I announce that all cases against Deshaun Watson, with the exception of four, have settled. We are working through the paperwork related to those settlements," said attorney Tony Buzbee, who is representing all 24 women. "Once we have done so, those particular cases will be dismissed. The terms and amounts of the settlements are confidential. We won't comment further on the settlements or those cases."

Buzbee said 4 of the lawsuits are not settled and will go to trial.

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"I never assaulted anyone," Watson said in his first public comments since signing with the Cleveland Browns in March. "I never harassed anyone or I never disrespected anyone. I never forced anyone to do anything."

Watson previously settled lawsuits by women in Houston before departing for Ohio.

In March, two separate Texas grand juries declined to indict Watson on criminal charges. But the NFL is considering suspending the promiscuous quarterback for the entire season.

Watson signed a 5 year, $230 million contract with the Browns, including a $44.9 million signing bonus in March.

It isn't clear what will happen to his contract if he is suspended for the entire year.

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Reality TV stars Todd and Julie Chrisley are currently on trial for income tax evasion and bank fraud in federal court. Jury selection began on Monday, May 16, in Atlanta, Georgia.

On Tuesday, Todd's former accountant Mark Braddock testified that he is Todd's former gay lover.

Braddock had to tell his own wife about his same-sex affair before testifying in open court.
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Braddock said he had an affair with Chrisley that began in the early 2000s and lasted until Todd fired him in 2012, threw him out and threatened to call police.

Braddock immediately went to the feds and revealed Todd's criminal activity in exchange for immunity from prosecution. Braddock claims his blind love for Todd convinced him to commit fraud.

Todd's legal team said Braddock created fake tax documents and impersonated the 53-year-old father of five. But prosecutors believe Todd urged Braddock to create fake tax documents to help him evade income taxes.

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The Chrisleys have been married 26 years and share five children, Lindsie, 32; Kyle, 30; Chase, 25; Savannah, 24; and Grayson, 16.

Fans of "Chrisley Knows Best" reality TV series had long suspected that Todd was gay, but he always denied the allegations.

Both Chrisleys are charged with one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, five counts of bank fraud, one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States and one count of tax fraud.

Prosecutors allege the Chrisleys filed fake documents to get millions of dollars in bank loans, and also submitted a fake credit report and fake bank documents while trying to rent a house for $14,000 a month in California in 2014. The couple allegedly moved into the home then refused to pay rent after a few months.

The indictment alleges they lied about their income to avoid paying taxes to the IRS. Money they received from their reality TV shows allegedly went to a production company they controlled. They failed to pay income taxes on the money for multiple years.

The Chrisleys were indicted in August 2019 and a new indictment was filed in January, The Tennessean reports.

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A trial date has been set for a jury to hear the state's RICO racketeering case against rappers Young Thug (left) and Gunna (right).

Young Thug, real name Jeffery Williams, is expected to appear in court today (May 23) where he will plead not guilty, according to CBS Atlanta affiliate WGCL News.

YSL artist Gunna turned himself in on May 13. He is charged with one count of racketeering. Gunna was booked into the Fulton County Jail.

Their trial date is set for January 9, 2023.

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Thug was arrested on May 9 following a raid on his $2.2 million Buckhead mansion. He is charged with conspiracy to violate the state's Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations ACT (RICO) and gang activity.

Fulton County DA Fani Willis told WSB TV that Thug's Young Slime Life or Young Stoner Life (YSL) street gang are responsible for more than 50 murders and incidents of gun violence across Atlanta dating back to 2012.

Thug is currently sitting in Georgia's notorious Cobb County Jail, where three inmates allegedly died in the past month.

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Todd and Julie Chrisley are set to go on trial for tax evasion and bank fraud on Monday, May 16, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Both Chrisleys are charged with one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, five counts of bank fraud, one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States and one count of tax fraud.

Prosecutors allege the Chrisleys filed fake documents to get millions of dollars in bank loans, and also submitted a fake credit report and fake bank documents while trying to rent a house in California in 2014. The couple allegedly moved into the home then refused to pay rent after a few months.

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The indictment alleges they lied about their income to avoid paying taxes to the IRS. Money they received from their reality TV shows allegedly went to a production company they controlled. They failed to pay income taxes on the money for multiple years.

The Chrisleys were indicted in August 2019 and a new indictment was filed in January, The Tennessean reports.

Jury selection will begin Monday with opening statements expected Tuesday, the newspaper reports.

Last week, E! announced a new dating series, "Love Limo," hosted by Todd Chrisley. Their reality shows "Chrisley Knows Best" and "Growing Up Chrisley" have been renewed on USA Network and E!.

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Actor Kaalan Rashad Walker was convicted Monday of luring multiple women off Instagram and raping them.

Walker, 27, shouted "I didn't rape no one!" as the verdict was read in a Los Angeles courtroom on Monday.

Prosecutors accused the "Superfly" actor and dancer of raping 10 women, one as young as 16 years old, after luring them with promises of meeting rapper Drake and actress Halle Berry.

Deputy District Attorney Cynthia Wallace called Walker a "serial rapist" and said he lied about knowing Drake.

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Walker reportedly created fake verified social media accounts to contact the women on Instagram and Twitter. He used his good looks and connections to Halle to convince the women to hook up with him.

"This was very sophisticated," Wallace told Rolling Stone. "He picked these girls and he appealed to their dreams and hopes and name-dropped Drake and used his connection to Halle Berry to get these girls somewhere and gain their trust. Once they were there, it wasn't about doing photo shoots, it was about assaulting them."

More than 30 Instagram models came forward with allegations of rape and assault by Walker.

Some of his accusers testified against him in open court. Model Jada Everon, now 23, was only 16 years old when Walker contacted her on Instagram.

She told jurors she was raped when she traveling from Fresno to meet him.

Walker is also a rapper whose single "It Could Happen" debuted at number 13 on the iTunes Hip-Hop chart. He toured with G-Eazy, A$AP Ferg, and Schoolboy Q.

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Tory Lanez was handcuffed in a California courtroom after he appeared for a hearing in his felony assault case on Tuesday.

Lanez, real name Daystar Peterson, is charged with shooting rapper Megan Thee Stallion during an incident in Calabasas, CA. in 2020.

The rapper was reportedly arrested after he arrived at the Los Angeles courthouse for his hearing. According to Rolling Stone reporter Nancy Dillion, Lanez, 29, was handcuffed in court and remanded to custody until he posts bail of $350,000.

The judge reportedly found Lanez in violation of the no contact order against him.

TheHollywoodFix.com / BACKGRID

Lanez allegedly violated the order by posting messages about the case on social media. The judge determined that Lanez directed some of his tweets at Megan Thee stallion, whose legal name is Megan Pete, 27.

Dillon went on to say:

"Judge David Herriford heard nearly an hour of argument about Lanez's tweets and said some 'seem to be clear messages' to Megan. He added a new condition to Lanez's release that he's 'not to mention the complaining witness in this case in any social media.'"

Lanez's assault trial is set for September 14, 2022.

The Los Angeles County D.A.'s Office previously issued a statement saying they are confident evidence supports the felony assault charge against Lanez.

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A New York jury found Ghislaine Maxwell guilty on five of six counts of luring teenage girls to be sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein.

The jury deliberated for five days before returning a guilty verdict on Wednesday evening.

The verdict capped a monthlong trial, featuring sordid tales of the sexual exploitation of girls as young as 14. Four women testified that Maxwell personally abused them in the 1990s and early 2000s at Epstein's homes in Florida, New York and New Mexico.

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The prosecution paraded 24 witnesses in front of the jury to testify about Epstein's jet-setting lifestyle and life inside his many homes around the world.

It seemed that Epstein was on trial instead of Maxwell, who began dating Epstein after she moved to the United States from Britain in the 1990s.

Mark Mainz/Getty Images

Maxwell, pictured with supermodel Naomi Campbell in 2002, quickly endeared herself to Epstein by luring and grooming high school age girls for the pleasure of Epstein and his wealthy friends, including Prince Andrew of England (pictured below).

MediaPunch / BACKGRID

In 2020, the 60-year-old socialite was arrested by the federal government and charged with enticing minors and sex trafficking underage girls.

The defense argued that Maxwell was a victim of vindictive federal prosecutors who were deprived of their real target: Epstein. The multi-millionaire financier hanged himself in his NY jail cell while awaiting trial in 2019.

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According to the Associated Press, Maxwell faces prison terms ranging from five to 40 years on each count.

The US Virgin Islands Department of Justice announced on July 10, 2020 that Maxwell was also under investigation in the Caribbean territory.

Maxwell is a naturalized US citizen but retains citizenship of the UK and France.

If she is ever released from a U.S. prison she will be deported back to England.

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Broward Sheriff's Office

A Florida judge declared a mistrial on Monday after three jurors refused to convict Dayonte Resiles based on his race.

Resiles allegedly broke into the Davie, Florida home of Jill Halliburton Su, 59, to commit a burglary back in September 2014.

When he found Su inside her home, he tied her up, stabbed her to death and left her body in a bathtub.

His DNA was found on a knife and inside the home.

Two years after his arrest, Resiles escaped from a Broward County courtroom. He was caught six days later.

Resiles finally went to trial just before Thanksgiving. After six days of deliberations, three jurors refused to sign off on a verdict.

The jury forewoman told the judge she disagreed with the three jurors.

"The whole time I'm staring at the judge and at the clerk, and we're locking eyes, and I'm looking at each one of them,” said the jury forewoman. "They're just waiting for my verdict of either 'yes, I agree' or 'no,' and I just couldn't, and that's why I said no."

The forewoman later said she received threats from other jurors. She said three of the jurors refused to convict Resiles of at least second-degree murder because they didn't want to send "a young Black man" to prison for the rest of his life or sentence him to death.

"You guys keep saying 'a young Black man,' but I don’t see race," said the forewoman. "I just see a human being, and you know, one particular person said to me, 'Hey, if you were outside this courtroom, you would have gotten smacked out in the street for this.'"

"The society that we're in right now, it needs to change, and just not look at color of skin. I feel like we need to look at each other as human beings, as who we are," she said.

The judge declared a mistrial and announced Resiles will go on trial again -- with 12 new jurors -- in January 2022.

He faces life in prison or the death penalty if convicted.

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Update 2: Jussie Smollett has been found guilty on the first 5 counts and not guilty on the 6th count. He was charged with 6 felony counts of lying to police.

He faces 15 years in prison on the first 5 counts. He could also be sentenced to probation.

Update 1: Jussie Smollett just arrived to a Chicago courthouse to hear the verdict in his hate crime hoax case.

On Wednesday, Judge James Linn told Smollett and his attorneys to be in the courtroom within 30 minutes of the announcement that a verdict has been reached.

That was over an hour ago.
Orginally posted on Dec. 9:

After 2 days of deliberations, the jury has reached a unanimous verdict in the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax trial.

If found guilty, Smollett, 39, could be sentenced to a maximum of 18 years in prison or probation.

During the trial, a smug Smollett testified there was no hoax and he really was assaulted by a man who had intimate relations with him.

Smollett also exposed his former pal, CNN anchor Don Lemon who told him the Chicago police didn't believe his story.

Lemon didn't disclose that to his viewers, but he did say he was in close contact with Smollett in the days before his arrest.

Smollett was charged with six counts of lying to police, saying he was assaulted by two white supremacists. He claimed the white supremacists yelled "This is MAGA country," tied a noose around his neck and poured bleach on him.

Nigerian brothers Olabinjo and Abimbola "Abel" OSundairo told police Smollett paid them $3,500 to gently assault him.

Prosecutors say Smollett orchestrated a homophobic, racist attack against himself to raise his profile in the TV and movie industry.

Even before the verdict was reached on Thursday, Smollett was shopping projects around and found financing for a TV project starring himself.

Black Lives Matter expressed support for the openly gay actor. A BLM spokesperson said: "We can never believe police, especially the Chicago Police Department over Jussie Smollett, a Black man who has been courageously present, visible, and vocal in the struggle for Black freedom."

Twitter users expressed skepticism.


An Arkansas jury found Josh Duggar guilty on both counts of downloading and possessing child porn. Duggar and his wife Anna are pictured arriving to court on Thursday morning.

The jury deliberated for six hours before finding him guilty.

The 33-year-old former reality TV star broke down in tears as U.S. marshals handcuffed him after the verdict was read in the courtroom.

The judge remanded him into custody under a rule based on the seriousness of his crimes. Prosecutors say Duggar downloaded "the worst of the worst" child porn.

He mouthed the words "I love you" to Anna as he was led away on Thursday. Duggar and Anna share seven children.
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He is accused of searching the so-called "dark web" for videos of children being tortured, humiliated and abused by adults.

D Dipasupil/Getty Images

A family friend testified that Duggar (3rd from left) confessed at age 15 to groping and penetrating his sisters during "bible time" and while they slept.

His fall from grace began when he believed he was sharing files from his devices with other perverts online.

But a detective using a police program caught Duggar in the act of sharing porn files online. She was able to upload video and 65 images from his computer of a young girl being abused.

She tipped off the feds who traced the IP address to Duggar's used car dealership, and seized his desktop computer, iPhone and MacBook laptop.

Duggar agreed to speak with federal agents, and asked them: "Has someone been downloading child pornography?"

Government prosecutors dismissed Duggar's claims that a "high-level hacker" broke into his computer and downloaded the material.

The government said Duggar installed a secret second operating system behind a partition on his computer that only he alone could access.

Duggar and his wholesome siblings were stars of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting." The series was canceled following his arrest in April.

His sentencing hearing is scheduled for next year. He faces 40 years in prison and a $500,000 fine if convicted on both counts.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

A jury has begun deliberations in the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax case in Chicago. Smollett, 39, faces six counts of lying to police after orchestrating a homophobic, racist attack against himself in January 2019.

In closing arguments on Wednesday, defense attorney Nenye Uche attempted to discredit Smollett's co-conspirators, Olabinjo and Abimbola "Abel" Osundairo who say the former Empire actor paid them $3,500 to gently assault him, tie a noose around his neck and pour bleach on him.

On his second day on the witness stand, Smollett claimed he has never staged a hoax in his entire life.

He said allegations that he staged the attack were "100 percent false."

"What happened to me happened," he said.

But prosecutors say Smollett is a narcissist who orchestrated the attack in order to raise his profile on the canceled ABC TV series and on the big screen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Smollett is so confident he will be acquitted that he is already shopping movie and TV projects.

THR reports Smollett has found financing for a proposed TV series and a film.

The disgraced actor is shopping an untitled series pilot that he stars in and directed. It is described as a follow-up project to B-Boy Blues in New York and Los Angeles.

Cleveland radio and TV station owner Tom Wilson financed the project because he believes in Smollett's innocence.

Wilson is counting on the jury to acquit Smollett so the project can find a buyer.

"We just want the right verdict," says Wilson, "so we can get on with making projects that allow minorities, Blacks and gays the opportunity to show their artistry."