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Detroit Pistons star Christian Wood is the third NBA player to contract the coronavirus, dubbed Covid-19.

The Pistons released a statement on Saturday, without identifying Wood as the player on the team who tested positive for the virus.

Wood's agent Adam Pensack confirmed his client was the one who had the virus. Pensack added that Wood "feels 100 percent fine."

Utah Jazz teammates Donovan Mitchell, 23, and Rudy Gobert, 27, also tested positive for the virus. Neither player is experiencing any symptoms.

In an unprecedented decision, the NBA cancelled its season until further notice.

The coronavirus causes mild flu-like symptoms in most healthy people under age 50. It causes severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and potentially fatal pneumonia among the elderly over age 60. Particularly at risk are smokers, people with chronic illnesses such as respiratory and heart problems and a weak immune system.

Chanda and Ben Wallace

Another bitter and vengeful wife put her husband's jumpoff on blast on for getting pregnant.

Chanda Wallace, who is married to former Detroit Piston's star Ben Wallace, is allegedly creating fake accounts to blast her husband's side piece on social media.

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