Chanda and Ben Wallace

Another bitter and vengeful wife put her husband’s jumpoff on blast on for getting pregnant.

Chanda Wallace, who is married to former Detroit Piston’s star Ben Wallace, is allegedly creating fake accounts to blast her husband’s side piece on social media.

According to the blogs, Wallace lost control of his SUV and crashed upon hearing the news that he would be a father for the fourth time.

Wallace and Chanda are the parents of two sons, Ben Jr. and Bryce, and one daughter, Bailey. At least Chanda knows about the new child. Think of all the kids Wallace has out there that she doesn’t know about.

Wallace is only fulfilling God’s commandment to multiply and replenish the earth with his seed with multiple women. The biggest complaint from women in the 1960s was their cheating husbands. But instead of filing for divorce, they suffered the humility in silence for the sake of their children. Back then the divorce rate wasn’t nearly as high as it is now.

Chanda and Ben Wallace