Hugo Hesny

Justin Bieber’s brainless bodyguard mistook Atlanta for Los Angeles, where anything goes if you work for a big name star.

Bieber’s bodyguard Hugo Hesny, left, appeared in Fulton County Magistrate Court with his lawyer, Andrew Schwartz, on Wednesday. Hesny was charged with felony robbery and felony entering auto with intent for theft.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constition, the burly bodyguard and Bieber’s driver were arrested Monday after Bieber’s entourage got into an altercation with a news photographer at the Fun House on Roswell Road.

Hesny and the driver followed the photographer in their car, cornered the photographer’s car in a parking lot and stole the photographer’s camera equipment worth $10,000.

The idiots then drove to Bieber’s rented house where a cop cornered them in the driveway and retrieved the stolen camera equipment.

According to the Judge Jessy Lall granted Hesny $15,000 bond and ordered him to appear in Superior Court, March 12.

Bieber is reportedly in Atlanta working on an album. His connection to Atlanta is his manager, Atlanta resident Scooter Braun, and, of course, his “mentor” Usher Raymond who owns several homes here.

Update: According to the AJC, Bieber’s driver was not arrested.

In a story Feb. 25 about the arrest of a bodyguard for Justin Bieber, The Associated Press reported erroneously, based on incorrect information from police, that the singer’s driver was arrested and charged with stealing a photographer’s camera. Police told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the driver, 49-year-old driver Terrance Johnson, was detained by police but later released and never charged.

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