The most unpopular politician in America today is not Barack Obama, it's Joe Wilson, a little known Republican out of South Carolina who gained instant notoriety after hollering "Liar!" at Barack during a nationally televised speech last night.

Wilson's dramatic outburst came in response to Obama's statement that aliens who are in this country illegally would not get free health care. Wilson later apologized to White House chief of staff Rham Emanuel, and Obama has reportedly accepted Wilson's apology...

Threats against Wilson are outnumbering other posts on left leaning message boards where unhinged Obama Kool-Aid drinkers are calling for his ouster, and even worse -- his hide. The reason for their anger is they believe Wilson's antics deflected the focus away from Obama's all important message.

An even more disturbing fact to some is that Wilson may have twittered his intentions prior to lashing out at Obama. Which would make his outburst seem like something of a set up.

The Congressman is being shadowed by extra security for his protection.

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