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Beyonce's mom Tina Knowles-Lawson called for leniency for Jussie Smollett when he is sentenced for lying to police about a hate crime hoax.

Smollett was convicted of 5 felony counts of disorderly conduct on December 9. He faces up to 15 years in prison. He could also be sentenced to probation.

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Knowles-Lawson hopes the disgraced actor receives the lesser punishment. She compared Smollett to Kyle Rittenhouse, the Illinois teenager who was acquitted last month of killing two white Antifa activists in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
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Knowles-Lawson took to Instagram to share a screenshot of a CNN article, titled, "What Jussie Smollett's guilty verdicts tell us."

The CNN opinion piece compared Smollett to Amy Cooper, a white woman who called police to report she was being threatened by a Black man in Central Park last year. Cooper was dragged on social media and lost her job. She eventually apologized to the man who was simply bird watching in the park.

Knowles-Lawson captioned the post:

"The article goes on to say both were wrong but Jussie faces possible prison time and Amy Cooper The woman who called the police and lied about the black man that was Bird watching in Central Park was trying to attack her. Leading to the potential arrest of the man where in the history of black men In Custody could have led to his death !! Amy Cooper got off with public service."

Knowles-Lawson called for Smollett to receive "the same compassion" shown to Rittenhouse and Cooper.

"We will see the outcome of this for this Black man. Will he get the same compassion as Amy Cooper? I am not condoning what Mr Smollet was found guilty of . I am just asking will he get the same compassion and understanding of knowingly lying to police. Kyle Rittenhouse walked free after killing two people because the jury had compassion ?[sic]."


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Angry students at Arizona State University are demanding that "blood-thirsty murderer" Kyle Rittenhouse be kicked off campus.

Rittenhouse, 18, was found not guilty on all counts during his murder trial earlier this month. He was accused of killing two white men and wounding a third at a Jacob Blake protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August 2020.

Student groups discovered Rittenhouse was a fellow student after he testified that he was enrolled at ASU.

Despite the fact that he was found innocent, an alliance of student groups plan to hold a rally and protest on Dec. 1. They are calling on ASU administration to remove Rittenhouse.

So far, Rittenhouse hasn't withdrawn from the school. ASU officials confirmed he is taking online classes.

A letter promoting the rally and protest reads:

"Even with a not-guilty verdict from a flawed "justice" system - Kyle Rittenhouse is still guilty to his victims and the families of those victims.

"Join us to demand from ASU that those demands be met to protect students from a violent blood-thirsty murderer."

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A jury has returned guilty verdicts for three men charged with fatally shooting Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick, Georgia last year.

Father and son Greg and Travis McMichael and neighbor Roddie Bryan were found guilty on all counts including malice murder and felony murder on Wednesday.

The McMichaels pursued Arbery in their pickup truck after they spotted him leaving a home that was under construction in their Satilla Shores subdivision on Feb. 23, 2020.

Travis McMichael claims he shot Arbery in self-defense after Arbery grabbed for his shotgun. Bryan joined the pursuit and recorded the video of Travis McMichael shooting Arbery.

The murder would have gone unnoticed, but someone leaked the video online and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation took over the case from local police.

The three men were arrested and charged following the public uproar.

The guilty verdicts come a week after 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was cleared on all charges in his murder case in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Rittenhouse faced life in prison if convicted of murdering two Antifa activists and wounding a third man during the Jacob Blake riots last summer.

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Waukesha PD

At least 5 people were killed and dozens more injured when a vehicle rammed police barriers and plowed into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Sunday.

An officer opened fire on the speeding vehicle after the suspect broke through police barriers to flee the scene.

Chilling videos showed bodies flying as the red Ford Escape SUV mowed down children, high school cheerleaders and dancing grannies. The suspect was reportedly fleeing police after leaving the scene of a stabbing.

Police eventually located the abandoned SUV and traced an expired driver's license in the vehicle to 38-year-old Darrell E. Brooks Jr., an admitted pimp and Black supremacist.

Brooks faces multiple counts of capital murder, reckless endangerment, fleeing the scene of a felony, possession of a firearm by a felon, and many more charges.

According to court records, Brooks was released on $1,000 bond just two days before the tragedy. He has a long criminal history that includes domestic abuse and sex trafficking charges.

In addition to being a career criminal, Brooks is an aspiring rapper who uploaded tracks to YouTube and SoundCloud calling himself Mathboi Fly.

According to posts on his Facebook page, Brooks was unhappy that 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges by a Kenosha, Wisconsin jury on Friday.

Brooks' Facebook posts and music called for violence against white people and supported Black Lives Matter. One post specifically described running white people over.

Facebook took down Mathboi Fly's page hours after the incident.

See some Twitter responses below.

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Kyle Rittenhouse was cleared of all charges in a Kenosha, Wisconsin courthouse on Friday.

The jury deliberated four days before delivering the not guilty verdicts.

Rittenhouse, 18, broke down in tears before leaving the courtroom a free man.

Twitter reacted with outrage and relief after the not guilty verdicts were read in open court.

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MSNBC political commentator Joy Reid tweeted: "In the Rittenhouse case, the 13th juror was the judge."

One Twitter user wrote: "No justice, again. #JacobBlake was shot 7 times by a police officer and they let that officer off... Rittenhouse is guilty no matter what the verdict."

Another person tweeted: "White Priviledge is reaI."

And a third user wrote: "Would Kyle Rittenhouse have been found not guilty if he was black?"

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A Kenosha, Wisconsin jury found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on 5 counts in his murder trial on Friday. The verdicts were announced after the jury deliberated for four days.

Rittenhouse collapsed on the floor in tears after the verdicts were read. The emotional teenager faced life in prison if found guilty of killing two Antifa protester and wounding another during unrest in Kenosha last summer.

Judge Bruce Schroder thanked the jury, telling them they were "wonderful".

"I couldn't have asked for a better jury to work with," he said.

18-year-old Rittenhouse was released to walk out of the courtroom a free man.

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The jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial surprised everyone by asking to rewatch the drone video footage that the prosecution allegedly withheld from the defense.

According to Fox News, the request by the jury was not "unexpected" for a complicated case.

Late Tuesday, the jury retired for the night after failing to reach a verdict. Two jurors allegedly withheld their verdicts out of fear of public "backlash".

Rittenhouse's legal team filed a motion for a mistrial late Tuesday after they learned the prosecution had a high-definition video of Rittenhouse shooting the first victim.

The defense argued that the high-def video was not given to them until Friday or Saturday.

On Wednesday morning, the jury halted deliberations again to request they be allowed to rewatch the drone footage of the August 25, 2020 shooting of Antifa protester Joseph Rosenbaum.

The prosecution explained to Judge Bruce Schroeder why the copy of drone footage was "compressed" which caused the video to be blurred.

Assistant District Attorney James Kraus claimed he sent the high-definition video footage to one of Rittenhouse's attorneys. He claims the video was "compressed" by the lawyer's Android phone.

Evidence is usually emailed between attorneys via Dropbox.

Watch the video below.

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In a surprise move late Tuesday, the legal team for Kyle Rittenhouse filed a motion for a mistrial after accusing prosecutors of withholding crucial evidence.

By law the prosecution is obligated to share all evidence with the defense and vice versa.

However, prosecutors for the state of Wisconsin allegedly held back high-definition drone footage of Rittenhouse shooting the first victim, Antifa protester Joseph Rosenbaum.

Prosecutors provided the defense with a blurred copy of the shooting.

The footage was filmed with a $40,000 Chinese-made DJI drone operated by federal agents on the night of the Jacob Blake protests in Kenosha in August 2020.

The footage shows Rittenhouse, then 17, being pursued through a parking lot by Rosenbaum. In the video, Rittenhouse spun around and shot Rosenbaum with his AR-15 assault rifle from a distance of less than 3 feet.

The jurors could barely make out the scene in the blurred video copy shown in court.

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In his closing argument on Friday, lead prosecutor Thomas Binger claimed Rittenhouse shot Rosenbaum "multiple times" in the back as he lay on the ground dying.

An autopsy determined Rosenbaum was shot in the hand, groin and back.

The state's case for first-degree reckless homicide is based on the autopsy findings.

But the prosecutor's high-definition copy of the drone video shows Rittenhouse fired only once at Rosenbaum from the front -- not the back -- and not while he was on the ground.

Late Tuesday, Rittenhouse's legal team asked Judge Bruce Schroeder to declare a mistrial with prejudice, meaning the state can't refile charges against Rittenhouse.

Judge Schroeder said he would consider the motion.

See comparisons of the blurred video provided to the defense team and the high-definition copy withheld by the prosecution below.

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The word out of Kenosha, Wisconsin is the jury deliberating Kyle Rittenhouse's fate want to acquit him of murder. But two jurors are afraid to vote to acquit.

According to political activist Jack Posobiec, the two jurors are concerned that Black Lives Matter and the news media will publicly identify them and publicize their personal information, such as home addresses, if they vote for acquittal. This intimidation tactic is known as "doxing."

The jurors were filmed walking into the courthouse one day last week.

The U.S. Marshal is reportedly offering protection to the jurors and their families.

Deliberations are done for the night and will resume tomorrow morning.

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The Kyle Rittenhouse trial has sparked a plethora of gun safety videos on social media. I posted the most popular gun safety videos below.

The "experts" in the videos claim to teach people how to disarm a gunman during the commission of a crime.

These videos went viral during the Rittenhouse trial as social media users sought to learn how to handle a weapon as good as Rittenhouse.

The jury is deliberating his guilt or innocence today, Nov. 16.

In one video, a man disarms a gunman after flipping to avoid gunshots.

In another video, a young man teaches viewers how to disarm a gunman and turn the gun on the assailant.

Gun safety is not a joke and should be taken very seriously. If you really want to learn how to handle guns safely you should probably avoid social media.

Watch the videos below.