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Usher, Lil Jon and Ludacris -- who previously teamed up for the 2004 hit song "Yeah!" - have reunited for a new slow jam "SexBeat."

The track opens with Lil Jon setting the mood and Ludacris rapping about his exploits in the bedroom. Then Usher croons: "Sex beat/When I get in that room and the bass go boom/Something about the way it make me move."

"When Usher, Jon and Luda come together it's always amazing," Usher tells Beats 1's Zane Lowe.

"No matter what Jon is doing, no matter where Ludacris is, no matter who I am, or where I'm going, or what type of music I'm introducing, when we come together, we go back to the center, like the orbit of who we all are as artists at our best. Usher, Jon and Luda had to do it again. You know? It's time."

Usher added: "We, by the way, have been sitting on this song for about two years. So as great as that one song is, please know that two years ago this record was done."

Usher, Ludacris, Lil Jon - SexBeat

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Rapper Li'l Jon is being sued for copyright infringement over his 2014 smash hit song "Turn Down for What".

According to, Golden Crown Publishing filed the legal papers in a New York federal court on Thursday, May 4, alleging DJ Snake and Li'l Jon ripped off the song already recorded by rapper Freddie GZ.

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E Class Drake and Timbaland

Canadian rapper Drake hosted a star-studded Halloween bash at STORY Nightclub on Miami Beach last night. Celebrity photographer Thad of was there to capture all the excitement. Drake, center, is pictured above with E Class, left, and music producer Timbaland.

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Picture this: you and your new woman (or man, after all, this is Atlanta) are planning a cozy evening together. You plan to cook dinner with wine served chilled. You just met her (or him) so you are anxious to impress with your culinary skills and your expert taste in wine.

But just as the two of you sit down to eat, she points to the wine and says, "honey, does this bottle say Little Jonathan Winery?" You answer, "yeeeeaaahhhhhhh!" 5 minutes later, you're all alone in your apartment sipping your chilled Lil Jon Merlot straight from the bottle.

Lil Jon officially launches his new wine collection with a Merlot, chardonnay and Cabernet that is already out in select California stores. Major roll out is expected in the next couple of weeks. (Source)

TVT Records, home to artists such as Lil Jon, Pitbull, Ying Yang Twins, Yo Gotti (pictured above) and Teedra Moses, became another casualty of the steady decline in Hip Hop record sales yesterday. According to online reports, the label filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and fired most of its staff.

The writing has been on the wall for awhile now - Lil' Jon packed up and deserted camp for Los Angeles last year, and Pitbull expressed his dissatisfaction with the promotion his CD Boatlift received. But the news still surprised some including the artists like Teedra Moses who is seeking a new label home.

Sources close to TVT Records revealed that artists like Yo Gotti and Teedra are free to seek contracts with other labels. "Yo Gotti is a prime candidate as a free agent to go...He's done his part as an artist, and although he's a little under the radar and people in New York don't know him that well, other majors like maybe Def Jam or Universal, whom he had a previous deal with, might want to pick him up," revealed the source.

This morning, a slew of "last day at TVT" emails went out to most of the industry - including One email's author, considered a head honcho at TVT, wrote:

Today is my last day at TVT Records. After six years, I will be moving on to pursue new opportunities. It has been a pleasure and I sincerely appreciate all your support, guidance, and encouragement...

Splendid new beginnings...