We told you that Beyonce lip syncs most of her songs due to the fact that she's out of shape and tends to lose her breath a lot. But we never really had sufficient evidence to prove our case until now!

Peep this video of Beyonce's last performance in London last night. She brought pop icon George Michael onstage to perform a duet of her song "If I were a Boy."

Watch Bey's face at the 35 second mark as she realizes she FORGOT to sing along with the track!

She tries to play it off by mouthing the words but TOO LATE! The mic is nowhere near her mouth!! You can clearly hear Bey's voice as she LOOKS DOWN in shame!

It feels great to be vindicated for once! :D

Burlesque singer and former Destinys Child frontman Beyonce Knowles finally left my homeland of London, England today after performing her final concert last night.

Beyawnce wore a silk Summer dress with a ruffled collar, strappy metallic platform sandals and a modified trench coat with half sleeves.

MORE pics of Beyonce's departure after the break!

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Now I see why Beyawnce wears sheer hose on her legs to cover up those rug burns. Her pale shins were a sight to behold this morning when she walked out of the posh Harvey Nichols department store in London, England.

All you Stans who ridiculed Bey for wearing panty hose, please leave her alone. Let her wear whatever she wants. Applying a little suntan lotion to those legs wouldn't hurt either.

By the way, her Louis Vuitton sandals look better in the LV store than they do on her feet.

MORE pics after the break.

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From London's bio:

Among the many hopefuls who attempt to make it big in the music industry, only a chosen few obtain the goal. Even more elusive are those who exceed it. They’re the ones who have that elusive "it" quality – the ones whose genuine talent and ability to engage an audience and deliver a song with a matchless style sets them apart from the masses. The ones like London. Armed with years of preparation and an abundance of talent, this burgeoning singer-songwriter is destined to stand out in a sea of “next big names” in R&B music via his Universal/Motown debut, Man of My Word.

A native of Oakland, California, London’s talent for singing was initially discovered as a child. He sang in his church choir and he eventually joined them. As an adolescent London set his sites on a career in music but like many of his peers in the hip-hop generation, singing didn’t strike him as a particularly masculine hobby. Instead, he opted to make his professional foray into the industry as a rapper as a member of the eight-man crew Keep It Clean. The group had begun to see moderate success but sought to add an element that would give them that unique edge.
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