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Police have arrested one of the juveniles seen in viral videos attacking a BMW on a Manhattan street this week.

Video footage shows dozens of teens surrounding the vehicle, kicking the car and punching the windows as the driver's frantic mother called 911 while screaming, "We're going to die!

The 70-year-old woman and her son had just dropped off a donation to a nonprofit organization that benefits Black Lives Matter when the attack happened.

Max Torgovnick told the NY Post he and his mother were headed to his father's neurology office on Fifth Avenue when his BMW was surrounded by a pack of 50 teenagers on BMX bicycles -- Christmas gifts from a nonprofit organization.

Torgovnick said he was worried the teens would smash out his car windows, get inside the car and pull them out.

According to the NY Post, the juvenile detainee, who lives in Queens, is being charged with vandalism to Torgovnick's car and other misdemeanors.

More arrests are expected.

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Viral video shows dozens of teenagers attacking a BMW bearing medical license plates on the streets of Manhattan.

As the panicked driver attempts to flee -- without running the toddlers over -- some of the teens tried to hitch a ride on the car's exterior.

Video footage shows teens kicking the car and punching the windows. A few of the youngsters jumped on the car's hood. Another kid slammed his bike down on the hood.

One teen jumped on the car's windshield with both feet, shattering the glass.

Other videos show teens on bicycles chasing after the BMW and circling the car menacingly. 1 of the bikers slammed into the car when the driver hit the brake, resulting in a bloody lip.

If you're wondering where the cops were during the chaos, the city defunded them months ago. They only show up for emergencies now.

Photo may have been deleted

Over 40% of NYC residents have fled the city for greener pastures. NY retailers boarded up their stores in anticipation of post-election rioting by supporters of President Donald Trump of Joe Biden. The rioting never materialized because the city is deserted.

The streets of New York City are empty as NYC residents stay in their homes. Violent crimes in the city spiked during a summer of rioting and unrest.

Experts expect the city to remain a ghost town at least until the midterm elections in 2022.

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