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#Policebae Cherise Souell fills out her uniform nicely as a patrol officer in the tiny town of Camilla, Georgia.

Not much happens in Camilla, Georgia, so Cherise has plenty of time to take selfies and glam shots for her social media pages.

When she's not busy fighting crime (what little crime there is in Camilla), Cherise plays shortstop for the Midway Baptist Hitters softball team.

Photo may have been deleted


Fellas, the quickest way to meet Cherise is to break the law in Camilla, Ga., and she will be all over you (but not in a good way).

You can also hit her up in the DM's on Instagram if you want Cherise to read you your rights.

Some guys don't mind breaking the law if a sexy cop like Cherise slaps the cuffs on them and hauls them to jail.

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International model and entrepreneur Helen Gedlu is today's Morning Glory. In addition to dancing in hip-hop music videos, Helen also owns and operates an online clothing boutique in Burbank, California.

Some of you may know Helen as Trey Songz's ex-girlfriend. She also reportedly dated basketball player Terrence Williams, music producer Kanye West and singer/songwriter Chris Brown. Currently she is single and, apparently, not looking for Love.

As she wrote on her popular Instagram page: "The only thing I'm committed to right now is bettering myself."

But she also wrote: "No more talking stages... we're either dating or I'm single. Talk to God, not me..."

Do you have a chance to win Helen's heart? Probably not. It sounds like the 35-year-old video vixen is determined to discover herself. But you are welcome to admire her beauty and enviable figure.

Follow Helen on Instagram @callherhelen.

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Queen Rosa and Chad Johnson

Yesterday's Morning Glory featured Queen Rosa, a business woman who runs a tax service in two states. She is very successful and Her clients includes professional athletes and celebrities. Rosa says this may be the reason behind the false rumors that she is a groupie who dates several ball players.

Read her emails after the break.

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Queen Rosa and James Harden

Earlier I told you about professional ball players and rappers who routinely date the same groupies who have dated other ball players and rappers. The reason for this behavior is that men are collectors by nature. They are very competitive. They believe a groupie's value goes up exponentially if she has dated another ball player.

So it isn't unusual for ball players to collect the same groupies the way they collect cars, guns, watches, sneakers, etc.

Professional groupie Queen Rosa has already dated NFL star Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, LA Lakers star Jordan Hill, and Houston Rockets star James Harden. So she is considered a valuable catch for the next ball player or athlete who is waiting in line.

Yesterday, Queen Rosa tweeted a photo of her daughter at a lunch date with James Harden. Mothers shouldn't bring men around their daughters, but groupies never play by the rules.

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Serena Williams on Miami Beach

Tennis superstar Serena Williams was spotted striking a pose during a photo shoot on Miami Beach on Monday (April 15). The curvy tennis champ wore a black and white high waisted bikini as a photographer snapped away. Later, she changed into a yellow, form-fitting dress and a black floor length dress.

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    I am an avid reader of your site! I find your site to be quite credible and entertaining. I'm submitting a few morning glory photos on behalf of my friend Gabriela Solano. Not only is my friend an aspiring singer with a great voice but she is a talented hip-hop/ballet dancer, as well as an aspiring model. Besides her array of talents, she is also a single mother of a beautiful baby girl.

    I've watched her over the years juggle school, work, and motherhood--I have much respect for her and the women out there that wear multiple hats. Lastly, my friend is from Stamford Connecticut and let's just say that we don't have many stars from Stamford, Connecticut.

    Hopefully, featuring my friend as your Morning Glory will provide her with the platform she needs to become recognized. If anyone would like to book my amazing friend Gabriela Solano for upcoming fashion shows, etc., please e-mail me at FYI, she has no idea that I'm doing this for her. I know that she deserves to be recognized and as her friend I wanted to do something special for her. God blesses those who work hard and keep at their dream! Here blessings await her.

    Thank you in advance for this opportunity on behalf of my friend Sandra.

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    Thank You!

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