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Ladies, this post is for the men. You are welcome to lurk.

A reader requested this post after I commented on Hello Beautiful's post titled "11 Black Men Who Could Have Been This Year's Sexiest Man Alive."

Hello Beautiful was disappointed that PEOPLE magazine, which caters to a majority white audience, picked a white actor as this year's "Sexiest Man Alive."

It probably didn't dawn on Hello Beautiful that Black men graced the last three 'Sexiest Man' covers.

The following women were chosen for this post because they are intelligent Black women who are successful in their chosen fields. Our community needs good role models for our young women.

Without further ado, check out's 11 Black Women Who Could Have Been This Year's Sexiest Woman Alive.

1. Dyesha Jador (Instagram model)


2. Brooke Valentine (Influencer)


3. Jade Cargill (Wrestler)


4. Shalom Blac (Interior decorator)


5. Sydney Seethal (Instagram model)


6. Rom'nya Akia (Artist/CEO/model)


7. Itsjustnife (Dancer)


8. Tanita Dee (Web designer)


9. Sese Meslayy (Makeup artist)


10. Phaith Montoya (Instagram model)


11. Leslie Sidora (Fashion model)

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Curvaceous WNBA star Liz Cambage shows off the hot bod that won rapper Drake's heart.

Drake is so smitten with the 30-year-old Las Vegas Aces center that he is pushing to expand the WNBA to Toronto so she can play near him.

Drake, 35, recently shared an Instagram photo that shows him embracing his new bew. He captioned the photo: "face of the franchise my mini me."

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

After secretly dating the 6'-8" bombshell for a few weeks, Drake contacted the WNBA to inquire about expanding the league to his hometown of Toronto.

He wrote in his Instagram Stories, "@WNBA I need a Toronto team."

Drake's post led fans to believe he is desperate to bring Liz to Toronto so she can play near him.


The Emo rapper faces lawsuits stemming from the tragic Astroworld Festival disaster in Houston last week. 8 people died and hundreds were injured after his surprise appearance on stage sparked a stampede.

Check out more photos of Liz Cambage below.

FYI: This post is for the men. Ladies, you are welcome to lurk.

Instagram model Phaith Montoya went viral over the weekend after she tweeted about the length of her real hair.

Phaith took to to share before and after photos of her healthy hair growth. She captioned the photos: "My hair growth 1 year apart."

Her followers were in awe, because it's so rare these days to see a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) wearing her own hair.

Plus-size models like Phaith are in demand on nearly every runway during fashion week.

Phaith has over 250,000 followers on Instagram alone. BBWs are so popular that they've quit their jobs to create Only Fans accounts. The money pours in from men who love women with meat on their bones.

Check out more photos of Phaith below.

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Instagram /@Shomarifrancis

Fashion model and fitness buff Shomari Francis is based in New York City and has nearly 40,000 followers on Instagram and 19,000+ TikTok fans.

Shomari, 28, earns a good living from paid sponsorships with major brands.

His hawt bod and gorgeous smile makes him a winner with bot sexes. He loves to travel to exotic faraway places. So drop him a line and he may show up on your doorstep.

Shomari is 5'-11" and 165 pounds of solid muscle without an ounce of fat. His Zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Shomari loves to wear the latest fashions. He is managed by Soul Artist MGMT and Pretty Men.

Check out more photos and videos below.

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Real Housewives of Potomac star Karen Huger stunned while posing in a bikini by the swimming pool.

Karen may be 58, but she looks a decade younger.

The queen of shade has over 435,000 followers on Instagram alone.

She has earned the respect of her co-stars who dubbed her the Grand Dame of Potomac.

Karen and her husband Ray Huger recently celebrated their 25th anniversary. He is the founder and CEO of his own tech company. But he didn't mind his wife bringing home the bacon when he struggled with tax troubles.

Karen is the wealthiest among the housewives with an estimated net worth of $10 million. She was also featured as a cast member on The Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2008.

What do you think of Karen's personal style? Is she Hot or Not?

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#Policebae Cherise Souell fills out her uniform nicely as a patrol officer in the tiny town of Camilla, Georgia.

Not much happens in Camilla, Georgia, so Cherise has plenty of time to take selfies and glam shots for her social media pages.

When she's not busy fighting crime (what little crime there is in Camilla), Cherise plays shortstop for the Midway Baptist Hitters softball team.

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Fellas, the quickest way to meet Cherise is to break the law in Camilla, Ga., and she will be all over you (but not in a good way).

You can also hit her up in the DM's on Instagram if you want Cherise to read you your rights.

Some guys don't mind breaking the law if a sexy cop like Cherise slaps the cuffs on them and hauls them to jail.

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Today's Hot or Not hunk is fitness coach and lifestyle motivator Jim Seuh. This gorgeous chocolate bar is CEO of Callus Coaching in France. Book your trip to Paris now ladies!

At 6-foot-7 inches, Jim, real name Djibrii Richard, is the tallest of the handsome Kupe Boys.

He went viral in 2018 after posting a video of him and his three friends doing the "Kupe" dance challenge on social media.

Jim, 29, had a girlfriend in 2018, 35-year-old Ghanian actress Juliet Ibrahim. It isn't clear if they're still dating.

Jim's Instagram page is chocked full of photos of his hairless chest and sinewy muscles.

Ladies, is he Hot or Not?

Check Jim out here: