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Kenosha County Jail

When Phyllis Pena caught a man peeping in her 15-year-old daughter's bedroom window, she did what any mom would have done: she tackled him to the ground and held him for the police.

Viral video shows Pena delivering some Texas justice to a peeping Tom who picked the wrong girl's bedroom window to peek through.

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Facebook, Lake Jackson PD

Pena (left) told Lake Jackson police she was returning home from the store at 7 a.m. on Jan. 21, when she spotted Zane Hawkins, 19, in her yard peeping in her daughter's bedroom window.

Pena immediately called the police, and when she saw the suspect flee, she told WPRC that her first instinct was to make sure he didn't escape the long arms of the law.

Video footage from a patrol unit shows Pena tackle Hawkins to the ground while her daughter, a star softball player, rushed over to help hold him down until police arrived.

"The cop fist-bumped me and he was like, 'Hey, so I heard the Texans are looking for a new linebacker,'" Pena told the news station.

She said Hawkins is known in the neighborhood but her daughter doesn't know him personally.

Pena shared the video of her hard tackle on her Facebook page, and it went viral around the globe.

She captioned the footage: "The video everyone has been waiting for. My next step is to try out for the NFL."

Hawkins is in jail facing charges of possession of a controlled substance, evading arrest and resisting arrest. More charges may be added.

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Duncan PD

A group of angry fathers took matters into their own hands when a teen girl told them a man leered at her in a Cracker Barrel restroom.

The incident happened at a Duncan, SC Cracker Barrel restaurant on Sunday morning. A group of fathers were having breakfast with their daughters - members of a softball team - when a 15-year-old girl returned from the women's restroom and told her father a man was peeking at her from under the restroom stall.

The girl said she noticed something moving near her feet and realized it was a man's head coming from the stall next to hers. The 15-year-old wasn't the only girl in the restroom at the time.

"I'll never forget the way they looked after. They were traumatized," a witness said.

The outraged father asked a female employee to get the man out of the restroom so he could have a word with him. The employee found the man in a stall and told him to get out.

The girl's father confronted the man - identified as Douglas Lane, 53, of Charlotte, NC, as he exited the restroom. Other fathers joined in to "talk" with Lane.

"The guy came running, sprinting out the front door with a very bloody nose," a witness told

Not done with their talk, the group of outraged dads pursued Lane into the parking lot and tackled him to the asphalt.

Lane tried to get away, but the fathers restrained him until police arrived.

Police recovered Lane's cell phone on the floor of the women's restroom.

Lane, a registered sex offender, was charged with voyeurism, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He had been charged with peeping at least eight times prior to this incident.

Lane was released on $2,000 bond and will be monitored by GPS. The judge ordered he move to South Carolina, but he must have no contact with the victim or her family.