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A Raleigh, North Carolina pest control company is offering $2,000 to release 100 roaches inside your home to test a "specific pest control technique."

The Pest Informer is looking for 5 to 7 homeowners to participate in the study to help the company "gauge how effective" their new treatment is, WDRB reported.

The news went viral on social media last week. received hundreds of applications from households across the United States. The company will choose seven homes for the 30-day cockroach elimination trial, WRAL-TV reported.

People who are allergic to roaches are advised not to apply.

Applicants must be U.S. residents; 21 or older and own their own home, or have written permission from the owner. Applicants must also give permission to film the process, WDRB reported.

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Boric acid is still the fastest and cheapest way to eliminate roaches in your home. You can get a bottle (5 year supply) at the Dollar Store or Walmart for less than $2.

Watch the video below.

NeNe Leakes Greg Leakes

NeNe Leakes hit back at Real Housewives co-star Kim Zolciak and her daughter Brielle Biermann by attending a Halloween party wearing custom roach and exterminator costumes.

"Roach Pest Control in full effect," she wrote in a photo caption followed by roach emojis.

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A homeless woman covered in bed bugs forced the quarantine and cleanup of a train on Chicago's CTA Red Line.

A Youtuber uploaded the video of a homeless woman sleeping on a CTA Red Line train on Tuesday. The video shows dozens of bed bugs crawling all over clothes in a bag near the sleeping woman.

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rats trigger burglar alarms

A DeKalb police officer responding to one of over a dozen false burglar alarms at a DeKalb Church's Chicken Restaurant finally caught the culprits.

Shining his flashlight through a window, the officer spotted rats enjoying a chicken buffet inside the restaurant after hours.

The health department is not amused.

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