rats trigger burglar alarms

A DeKalb police officer responding to one of over a dozen false burglar alarms at a DeKalb Church’s Chicken Restaurant finally caught the culprits.

Shining his flashlight through a window, the officer spotted rats enjoying a chicken buffet inside the restaurant after hours.

The health department is not amused.

From Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Channel 2 Action News reported that, in a span of just 30 days, DeKalb County police officers responded to 17 alarm calls at the Church’s at Candler Road and Glenwood Avenue. The 17th time around, an enterprising officer looked through the drive-thru window and spotted rats running around inside.

The officer used his cellphone to record the furry invaders.

The health department said the rodents were likely gaining access through a crawlspace at the rear of the building and entering the kitchen through holes in the ceiling and walls. The restaurant closed Friday but opened again Monday after a series of repairs, Channel 2 reported.

And this is why fast food is not good for your health.