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This will sting Jay Z's already bruised ego:

Rep. Pete King was snapping photos of the stars at Monday’s Inauguration – and wound up on the cover of the New York Post. The headline: “First Couple! (Well, almost) Pols fawn over Beyoncé, Jay-Z at Inaugural.”

In King’s defense, that’s only half true. The congressman tweeted Tuesday that while he recognized Beyoncé, who sang the National Anthem, he didn’t know “the guy” beside her.

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    Long Island Congressman Rep. Peter King is mad as hail. In this clip from a news broadcast, King discusses his disapproval at the media's blanket coverage of Michael Jackson's sudden death two weeks ago.

    King refers to Michael as a pedophile and hurls other choice insults intended to inflame Jackson's fans. It's King's opinion, of course. But sadly, many in the media share his sentiments -- they're just not admitting it publicly.

    Last night, Bill O'Reilly & friends let their feelings be known about the wall-to-wall Jackson coverage. O'Reilly claimed not to understand why there was a "racial component to all of this" since the adult Michael so evidenty did not want to be black anymore.

    O'Reilly mentioned the fact that Michael drastically changed his appearance to look more European (read:white) and even paid a white woman to breed white children that he then claimed he sired.

    O'Reilly has a point there. How many black men would claim to have sired obviously Caucasian children -- or go to the bizarre lengths that Michael did to erase his blackness.

    The media won't touch on any of this right now out of respect to Jackson's fans -- and because the network ratings are just too high.

    But I predict the media's white gloves will come off tomorrow or in the days following Jackson's memorial. And it won't be pretty.