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Harris County Sheriff's Office

A Texas deputy has been charged with using her cop boyfriend's taser on her three children, ages 8, 11, and 12.

Xochitl Ortiz, 34, was fired from her job after she allegedly used her boyfriend's taser on her three sons.

She was taken into custody on May 18.

The alleged abuse occurred at Ortiz's apartment in Tumball, Texas between April 1 and April 4. She is charged with using a stun device to cause injury to children under the age of 15.

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Prosecutors allege that Ortiz's children said they do not feel safe with her, according to

Ortiz is in the midst of a divorce from the children's father, who reported the abuse to authorities. The children told their father they were tasered in the bottom, hand and shoulder.

Ortiz and her boyfriend, former deputy Christopher Worthington, were both fired from the sheriff's office. They were 2 year veterans of the department.

Ortiz allegedly used Worthington's taser to discipline the three boys. Worthington, who was not charged, was terminated for violating the force's policies.

Ortiz's bail was originally set at $450,000, but it was lowered to $150,000. She has since posted bond.

According to her financial disclosure form, she earns $2,500 a month and has over $4,500 in monthly expenses and $300 cash in the bank.

Ortiz's lawyer told KTRK that his client maintains her innocence and she intends to fight the allegations against her.

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Facebook, APD

Atlanta's mayor reacted to the news that two officers who tased students during last summer's protests were unjustly terminated.

On Monday, the city's Civil Service Board ruled the dismissals of officers Ivory Streeter (pictured right) and Mark Gardner (not pictured) violated both Atlanta Police Department and city policies, according to 11 Alive News.

"Based upon the serious concerns of insufficient adherence to City code and procedures which culminated into a lack of due process, the Board upholds the Appeal of Ivory Streeter and revokes the City's dismissal of him from APD employment," the review from the board said. It reached the same decision in Gardner's appeal case.

Gardner and Streeter were fired following public uproar after they tased two students, Taniya Pilgrim and Messiah Young, who said they were simply driving away from the protests, when they asked police why one of their friends was arrested.

Police body cam video showed the officers tasing the students after dragging them from their car in May.

In a statement Tuesday, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms defended the firing of the officers.

"While the Civil Service Board (CSB) has reversed the termination of the officers, given the unrest across our city and nation at the time, and the disturbing video footage before us, I still believe that the right decision was made," she said. "It is also important to note that the CSB did not say that the officers' conduct was lawful."

Meanwhile, attorney Mawuli Davis, who represents Messiah Young, said the family learned through the media that the officers' criminal case was sent from the Fulton County District Attorney's Office to the Georgia Attorney General's Office.

In a statement Tuesday, Davis said:

"The family... was stunned and saddened to learn through the media that two of the officers involved in the attack have been reinstated to the Atlanta Police Department. In two consecutive weeks, they have experienced the pain of the justice system continuing to fail them as victims of police brutality."


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A police officer was fired from the Gwinnett County Police Department after a TikTok video showed him using a Taser on an unarmed Black woman.

The incident happened here in Gwinnett County, Georgia, about 20 miles northeast of Atlanta.

Former officer Michael Oxford, who is white, responded to a "property damage" call on Aug. 18. According to the caller, a bottle had been thrown at a car.

When Oxford arrived, he spotted a woman who fit the description of the person who picked up the bottle. Oxford attempted to speak to the woman but he couldn't because Kyndesia Smith and others were yelling at him.

When he told Smith she was under arrest for obstructing an officer, she said, "I'm not going anywhere." She added: "It doesn't matter. You're on our property. We did not call you. I'm not going anywhere."

Oxford attempted to drag Smith off the porch, as several bystanders captured the chaotic scene on their cellphones.

After telling her she was under arrest, Oxford fired his Taser at her and she fell into some bushes in front of the porch.

Smith can be heard saying, "Call the police, mama," as the officer told her to turn over so he could cuff her.

"Don't touch me," Smith said, as she waved her arms to prevent the officer from cuffing her. Bystanders are heard yelling at him to stop.

"You're on her neck," someone says off camera. "Do you not understand what you're doing?"

Later in the video, Smith is sitting upright and struggling with Oxford who tells her "Give me your hands."

Toward the end of the video, another white officer arrived to help cuff Smith. She was booked into the Gwinnett County Jail and released early Wednesday morning.

Even though Oxford was fired, the police department said there was probable cause to arrest Smith for obstruction of a law enforcement officer and that his use of force was within the department's policy.