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Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union have begun potty training their 17-month-old daughter, Kaavia James. But sources say she’s not making it easy for them.

Child experts say the best time to start potty training a toddler is between 17 months and 3 years. Potty training initiated before or after that timeframe can cause serious developmental problems in children.

For instance, children who are rushed into potty training may grow up to be rigid type A personalities. While children who are resistant to potty training until after age 3 tend to have problems such as bed-wetting or lack of self-confidence.

Child experts say girls learn to potty train faster than boys who are easily distracted.

Experts suggest following an easy schedule for potty training your child.

Wait about 45 minutes after the child eats or drinks to take them to the potty.

Leave them on the potty for 3 minutes to see if they go. If they do go, praise them! Tell them what a great job they did. Make a big deal out of the smallest tinkle!

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