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The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta has issued an urgent health advisory for "pregnant people" who still haven't received their Covid-19 mRNA vaccines.

The CDC recommends mRNA injections for all pregnant women, women who are trying to get pregnant, and women who may become pregnant in the near future.

The CDC urged Covid-19 mRNA vaccination "either before or during pregnancy" because the "benefits of vaccination for both pregnant persons and their fetus or infant outweigh known or potential risks," CBS46 reports.

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According to CDC data, only 31% of "pregnant people" have been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Vaccine coverage is highest among Asian pregnant women (45.7%), but lowest among Black pregnant women (15.6%), or Latino pregnant people (25%).

The CDC says there are 125,000 "confirmed cases of Covid-19 in pregnant people," more than 22,000 pregnant women hospitalized and 161 Covid-19 deaths among pregnant women.

22 deaths of pregnant women occurred in the month of August alone, according to CBS46.

The CDC reminds pregnant women that they are "at increased risk of severe illness, death, and pregnancy complications when compared to non-pregnant people."

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The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta is pulling out all the stops to combat "vaccine hesitancy" among the population who refuse to take the experimental mRNA injections.

The CDC tapped Dr. Jacqueline Walters, star of Bravo TV's 'Married to Medicine,' to calm people's fears about taking the shots.

As of Monday, 52% of Americans have taken at least one shot of the experimental spike protein gene therapy injections.

The Covid-19 vaccines still don't have full FDA approval.

Dr. Jackie emphatically tells her patients to take the Covid-19 injections.

"If you're trying to become pregnant now or plan to try in the future, you can get a Covid-19 vaccine," she says.

Dr. Jackie doesn't say whether women who are currently pregnant should take the shot. That may be due to reports of miscarriages among some women who took at least one shot.

The reality TV doctor does say there is no evidence that any vaccine causes fertility problems.

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Yuki Akinosha has never featured a pregnant Morning Glory before. But 30-year-old Yuki Akinosho, wife of today's Morning Wood, Gabriel, 31, displays such style and grace while 6 months pregnant, that I decided to feature her to give you expectant moms a little inspiration!

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Kelly Rowland goes shopping at MAC on Robertson

Very pregnant singer Kelly Rowland waved at the paparazzi as she shopped at MAC on Robertson in Los Angeles, CA. Kelly's husband and manager, Tim Witherspoon, tagged patiently behind her.

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Obama Motorcade Traps Woman in Labor

A pregnant woman went into labor on a bus bench directly across the street from Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles today, LA affiliate NBC4 reports. The woman was prevented from crossing the street because it was closed to make way for President Obama's motorcade.

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Singer Ciara was one of the well-heeled attendees at the CFDA & Vogue Fashion Fund Celebration event in NYC last night. I recently spoke with an associate of Ciara's who gave some insight into why Ciara doesn't announce her pregnancy.

"She's not making the announcement yet because she's still working," said the insider. He added: "No one will book her for concerts or nightclub appearances if they know she's pregnant."

That makes sense.

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Medical Minute Edema in pregnancy

On Saturday, pregnant socialite Kim Kardashian Instagram'ed a photo of her swollen feet caused by mild edema.

Edema in pregnant women is a build up of fluids in the extremities (hands, arms, feet, legs and face). Pregnant women retain more water, especially in the late 2nd or early 3rd trimester.

Swelling in the feet can be caused by wearing constricting shoes and clothing; standing for long periods of time; consuming a diet high in salt (sodium) and caffeine. Eating a diet low in potassium.

Prevention of edema in pregnancy includes avoid standing for long periods of time; wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing (maternity clothes); wear support hose to reduce swelling in feet; eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water (at least 8-10 glasses a day).

Notify your physician/OB/GYN if swelling in your arms, legs or face persist for more than 24 hours and doesn't improve with rest or elevating the affected part.

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Tavon White

According to an unsealed federal indictment, a Baltimore jail inmate has sired 5 babies with 4 female guards at the Baltimore City Detention Center, The Baltimore Sun reports. Those guards were named in the indictment, along with 9 of their co-workers, for enabling a prison gang's drug trafficking and money laundering enterprise behind bars. Baltimore was the backdrop for the critically-acclaimed HBO TV series The Wire.

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TV personality and Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson is down with the swirl. If you recall, Kendra was formerly one of Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner's three girlfriends. But she dumped Hef (and his money) when a fine brother came along.

Not only did Kendra remove Philadelphia Eagles WR Hank Baskett from the dwindling pool of straight black men, but she got herself impregnated by him too.

But before you say she's a smart gold digger, Kendra's no ordinary run-of-the-mill jump off. She left behind Hefner's untold millions for Baskett, who recently signed a $1.4 million one-year contract with the Eagles, thus making him one of the poorer wide receivers in the league -- after his agent and accountant get their cuts.

At some point, Mr. Baskett, who will tie the knot with his baby mama later this Summer, will become known as "Mr. Wilkinson" since he'll eventually be living off of her money anyway.

Congrats to the happy couple!