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DC Comics

DC Comics goes full woke in the latest issue, titled “The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing.”

The Joker actually becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby in the most grotesque, vomit-inducing manner.

On its website, DC Comics advertised the issue’s antics as the Joker’s “most bizarre caper yet.”

According to Fox News, Joker decides to raise a family, so he flirts with super-heroine Zatanna, hoping to knock her up.

But Zatanna is turned off by his advances, so she casts a spell on him to ensure that “no one else will ever have [the Joker’s] baby,” the comic reads.

But something goes wrong and the Joker becomes pregnant himself.

The comic shows the Joker on an exam table with his feet in stirrups while getting a prenatal exam. YouTuber and comic book commentator Ethan Van Sciver tweeted, “Normal readers might not enjoy Atomic Skull giving Joker a prenatal pelvic exam.”

In one of the comic’s most bizarre scenes, Joker goes into labor. And since it is anatomically impossible for men to give birth, the Joker vomits a brown slimy substance that oozes out of his mouth and immediately takes the form of a “handsome” baby boy.