Al Roker was all smiles and waved to the cameras while doing his daily power walk in Manhattan's Central Park after recent prostate cancer surgery.

The 66-year-old weather anchor on NBC's Today announced he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this month.


He just returned to work following prostate cancer surgery, and he is in good spirits, but he has a word of warning for men.

"Everybody should get checked," he told while leaving NBC Studios on Monday. "You need to check with your doctor."

Roker, who had his prostate and nearby lymph nodes removed 2 weeks ago, said he feels great and he doesn't have a word of complaint.


"Nothing bad," he replied when asked what the hardest part of the recovery was. "It's all good, all good."

Roker credited his surgeons and the love and support from his family and friends for helping him get through his recovery phase so quickly. Prostate surgery recovery usually takes a month before you can return to work.

"I feel really good, I really do. Usually you're dead when you get all this love," joked Roker, who prefers to receive his flowers while he's still alive.

Roker further revealed that he will have his prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels checked in January, and will continue to be screened every six months for the next five years.

A PSA blood test is a specific test to detect prostate cancer. Even though Roker's prostate was surgically removed, PSA blood tests are done within the next few years after surgery to make sure there isn't a biochemical recurrence that suggests cancer involving seminal vesicles or distant lymph nodes that weren't surgically removed.

Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels in the blood should remain undetectable for 10 years.


Al Roker is recovering at home after undergoing surgery to remove his prostate following his cancer diagnosis.

The popular U.S. weatherman took to Twitter on Thursday to update fans on his progress, writing: "Relieved to let you all know that my #prostatecancer surgery is done and back home. A big shoutout to everyone at the #josierobertsonsurgerycenter and appreciate all the thoughts and wishes from our viewers and the wonderful care packages from my co-workers."

Roker, 66, went public with his health battle on the Today show last week, telling viewers that the cancer is "a little aggressive" so he would be "taking some time off to take care of this".

Roker wanted fans to know he is not terminally ill and his cancer has not spread to other parts of his body.

"I don't want people thinking, 'Poor Al' because I'm going to be OK," he said.

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Page Six reports the 56-year-old photographer has already returned to work.

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An average looking woman wearing tight jeans and a tight top was filmed getting over 100 'catcalls' from men while silently walking through NYC for 10 hours. Nothing those men did or said was unusual or inappropriate for heterosexual men. And yet the YouTube video has garnered over 6 million views in just 24 hours.

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Slim Thug

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