A loyal reader wrote:

Sandra, I need somebodies Teas to be spilt. So I'm in LA visiting one of my friends who gets me all the beats. We go out to a restuarant and she meets one of her friends Quddus, you know that lightskin pretty boy from TRL and I think?he is now?a news analysis with TV one I know right I thought the same, downgrade. Anyways we talk and he is a very intriguing and intelligent brotha BUT I sware on everything this nigga is GHEY! His hand motions were as clear and obvious as sign language. So when we get in the car she asks me what I think of Quddus and I say oh he is fabulous and she was like well let me know if you want his number and I can set you 2 on a date. I said what kind of date??A shopping date or something? She laughed and said no girl like a date... date. Then I gave her the biggest *blank stare* and said "girl that boy is gay boots honay he doesn't want ANYTHING I have to offer,?I wouldn't trust him around?the meatpacking district". We had a debate in that car about that mans sexuality Sandra I swear this man is not looking for NOOO woman. And I was offended that she was going to try and hook me up with a possible closeted man I can just picture myself now on Oprah's couch crying my eyes out cause I came home and found him in bed with another man.

Look at this video and you tell me if he's straight if you say he is then I will take my friend up on her "blind date" with him. I know you would know if he's ghey or str8.

Sandra Rose responds:

I have no clue if Quddus is teh ghey or not. He flies wayyy under my radar. But most light skin "pretty boys" are coddled and raised by their mommies, aunties and sisters to act like little sissies. So it figures that when these soft boys get older they display the feminine characteristics of the women they interacted with growing up. It doesn't necessarily mean they are teh ghey, but their feminine mannerisms does make it more difficult for women to guess their sexuality.