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A loyal reader wrote:

Sandra, I need somebodies Teas to be spilt. So I'm in LA visiting one of my friends who gets me all the beats. We go out to a restuarant and she meets one of her friends Quddus, you know that lightskin pretty boy from TRL and I think?he is now?a news analysis with TV one I know right I thought the same, downgrade. Anyways we talk and he is a very intriguing and intelligent brotha BUT I sware on everything this nigga is GHEY! His hand motions were as clear and obvious as sign language. So when we get in the car she asks me what I think of Quddus and I say oh he is fabulous and she was like well let me know if you want his number and I can set you 2 on a date. I said what kind of date??A shopping date or something? She laughed and said no girl like a date... date. Then I gave her the biggest *blank stare* and said "girl that boy is gay boots honay he doesn't want ANYTHING I have to offer,?I wouldn't trust him around?the meatpacking district". We had a debate in that car about that mans sexuality Sandra I swear this man is not looking for NOOO woman. And I was offended that she was going to try and hook me up with a possible closeted man I can just picture myself now on Oprah's couch crying my eyes out cause I came home and found him in bed with another man.

Look at this video and you tell me if he's straight if you say he is then I will take my friend up on her "blind date" with him. I know you would know if he's ghey or str8.

Sandra Rose responds:

I have no clue if Quddus is teh ghey or not. He flies wayyy under my radar. But most light skin "pretty boys" are coddled and raised by their mommies, aunties and sisters to act like little sissies. So it figures that when these soft boys get older they display the feminine characteristics of the women they interacted with growing up. It doesn't necessarily mean they are teh ghey, but their feminine mannerisms does make it more difficult for women to guess their sexuality.

  • brenden

    *FARTS* wooo Good morning. You kill me with this Sandy. Most light skinned dudes are cradled by the fam huh.lolol. Dang I swear sometimes you seem to be on that ol pre prohibition, pass the paper bag test ish. I don't know if its a cultural thing or what,,,,You was raised overseas right? Round here we are truly trying to evolve past that ish. Maybe things are different in atl, but in other parts of the country seriously we are trying to evolve. It's old n tired mayne.

  • LadyJustice

    so ONLY the light skinned dudes? lol u kill me


    im mad i cant get on twitter! ugh

  • iscream

    Okay this long behind letter for what? Who is this man?????? I thought TRL was cancelled? I thought he was talking about Q from Day 26.


    Did anyone catch Real Chance of Love2?

    P.s. I love MJ :D & I can't wait to hear JJ new album. With all that raw emotion that Jimmy & Terry pull out of her. I think she'l have another classic on her hand that JD could never produce.

  • Anna

    And I was offended that she was going to try and hook me up with a possible closeted man
    Some don't have to come out the closet, they know we know and we keep it at that.

  • Daisy

    @lady ok I am not going crazy I cant get on twitter

    @Isc *dead*

    *sprays to get rid of brendens fart*

  • attorneymom
  • Kat

    @isc...i saw real & chance! that b caught the beat down didn't she? lol! these girls are busted this season tho.

  • LadyJustice


    on FaceBook ppl saying hackers took it down... WTF?

  • LadyJustice

    yup just read from pcmag they got hit by a denial-of-service attack. ppl have nothing better to do than to hack twitter. get on my nerves

  • LovelyLady

    @ Iscream

    I watched it....its going to be foolywang allll over again and I love it. I wonder if it will be better than last season.

    Forget the letter, Karrine is delusinal. Bish book was 30% off the first week it came out. She talking bout some she not into the hip hop world she doesnt associate herself with them people. lol bish please.

    Did anyone see that vid with eddie Winslow spiling her beans about how she lie lie lie and abuses her son

  • iscream

    @ Kat that was classic I Love ______ tv. & I was happy they kicked her trouble making behind off as well. That lil chick beat the mess outta her. I don't think I've ever saw blood drawn on one of these shows before.

  • pointhimout

    funny. isn't being HUD'n still in style? kidding. i dont get that vibe from Red. i talk with my hands too, and not twirling my wrists either. I notice women just pay attn when you talk with ur hands and they start thinking. too general of a statement, but it's what i believe.

  • Anna

    LovelyLady Says:
    Did anyone see that vid with eddie Winslow spiling her beans about how she lie lie lie and abuses her son.
    I didn't see the vid but it was on "Rhymes with Snitch", the headline read " Darius said he and Superhead were never married." Why did he wait so long to say it if it wasn't true? What did he have to gain by pretending to be married to her?

  • iscream

    @ Anna

    I thougt about you. I think it was you who said he was the father. Its as if he read that comment.

    I'm happy he blew her up. Hopefully she'll embrace being the bird she is and fly away, far, far away.

  • Daisy

    @Lady UGGGHH I wonder how long twitter will be down

  • LovelyLady


    that money was peobably pouring in for him, but what smost aggravating is he KNOWS shes abuses her son and hasnt done anything about it except an interview to get money

  • Anna

    LovelyLady Says:


    that money was peobably pouring in for him, but what smost aggravating is he KNOWS shes abuses her son and hasnt done anything about it except an interview to get money

    It's a darn shame. He won't do anything because it sounds like he does not want to be a full time parent. I keep forgetting Superhead does nothing for free, she has new money and Eddie's money is long gone.

  • LadyJustice

    Family matters is still in syndication, he HAS to have something. i thought they were married, just found it strange that it was out the blue. she only said she was married for her "book" its supposed to be for married couples lol

  • LadyJustice


    i dont know but im bored as heck at work... twitter is my friend :( lol

  • Krysi J

    That dude doesn't seem gay.....he may be proPER but thats all I can pick up on. All I know is Karrine needs to quite all that damn lying...look at how that face frowns up when Ghotti says she should superhead everybody in the majors.....LOL! Then she wanna come back with "I don't react to Irv, he reacts to me"...bytch please. She right bout his show though, he really has no room to talk.

  • ELove

    Quddus USE TO BE that THANG for the chicks back in the day
    IF he is GAY he sure fooled ALOT of Females because gurls would run PAST THE CELEBRITIES to get at this dude ...

    And I truly believe that Janet album should be outstanding with this PROVEN-Formula back in play again

  • masonmom

    i love gotti's way! poor deb, she's such a nice woman, if only she could move on. i dont prefer lightskin guys so it doesnt matter if the q dude is gay or not. i like em blacker than black cuz they black-CB4

  • Daisy

    @mason I see you like to quote tv shows and

    Quddos never did anything for me but he always seemed like a nice dude so some man or woman will be happy with him one day I guess.

    @Lady girl I feel you I miss twitter as well :sad: :cry:

  • masonmom

    i quote what ever old skool movie or show pops in my head, lol. i miss the 90's: RIP cross colours, in living color, ghostbuster movies, friendship bracelets, jodeci boots, finger waves wit the hair rods, clear see thru/plastic jackets! :(

  • miamore73

    I honestly take offense to this. I have a light skinned son in my home and HONEY he's being raised by myself and a strong BLACK man. No aunties, grandmas or cousins. Men being raised by women isn't a color issue it's an African American issue. The little boy doing the Beyonce routine on UTube wasn't light skinned.

  • masonmom

    mia my son is light skin too but i didnt take offense to such ignorance. i already know early how much of a flirt he is with WOMEN! the way he chases these lil scallywags aint no doubt he's gonna be a lady killer, then it doesnt help they give him more attn cuz of his light eyes. us light skin folks are always stereotyped...and whoo, dont be LSLH then you really gettin attacked.

  • Shannon

    The "loyal reader" was right there and she could have just asked him yet she waited to send this email asking Sandra this question? I don't get it.

  • candycane

    The entire Murder Inc ran through that broad. I try to like her, but bytch please. She tries to act like she's above it all, a classy lady.

    Her son probably gets teased alot at school, Poor kid.

    She also always says most women have done what I've done. (now I have done some serious freak ish in my lifetime) but I'm not writing a book about it for the world to know. I would've never knew he she was until I read that book.

    The second one was garbage, and I'm surely not getting the third. I already know how to suck a................. hehehehee

  • candycane

    Oh and I didnt get a gay vibe from ol boy

  • Anti-believer

    I didn't get ghey either.

    I think the "emailer" wanted Q to be gay so he could have sex wiht him.

    That's what it is!!!!

    Tell that queen who wrote the email that I said so.


  • ChokLitFactory

    Superhead needs to sit down!! I'm not even watching Quddus, Superhead kills me with her nonsense. "I don't listen to THAT music; I don't know what THOSE ppl are doing" Was she not just knocked up Bow Wow??? I mean, lets be real Karrine.