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Rapper Freeway is mourning the death of his son, Jihad, who was shot and killed in Philadelphia, according to The Source magazine.

Freeway, real name Leslie Pridgen, announced his son's death on Instagram on Thursday. He shared a photo that shows him posing with Jihad in his graduation cap and gown.

"God knows I try my best to be strong, but this right here is a pain like I never felt," he wrote in the caption.

"Please cherish your time and your love ones because we’re not promise the next breath. I Pray Allah forgives my son for all Of his sins and I pray that Allah grants him the highest level of paradise. Ameen [crying emoji] Please make dua for him & my family [sic].

Freeway is the second State Property rapper to lose a child. According to The Source, Oschino's son died last week in a car accident.

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