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Twitter blocked a divisive hashtag comparing Senator Tim Scott to racist "Uncle Tom" that depicts Black people as sellouts.

The Republican Party chose Scott to deliver the rebuttal to Joe Biden's first ever speech before 200 members of Congress on Wednesday night.

The 46th president spoke for about an hour to a nearly empty room due to Covid concerns -- despite the fact that he is fully vaccinated.

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After Biden's speech, Scott, the Republican senator from South Carolina, said the United States is not a racist country and most Americans are not racists.

Scott spoke of an unfriendlier time in America when he experienced discrimination.

He argued that the same party that claims to fight white supremacy is the most intolerant of others.

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"I get called Uncle Tom and the N-word by progressives ... I know first-hand, our healing is not finished,' he said.

"Hear me clearly: America is not a racist country."

The hashtag "Uncle Tim" began trending on Twitter soon after he spoke.

Bishop Talbert Swan, a black pastor from Massachusetts, tweeted: "Uncle Tim Scott has perfected the art of sycophantic bootlicking. He's a master step n fetch it artist and cunning white supremacy apologist, who demonstrated his buck dancing skills in front of the entire world."

But others pointed out the hypocrisy that exists on social media.

One Twitter user wrote:

"The fact that "Uncle Tim" is trending on Twitter tells you all you need to know about the left."

Another user tweeted:

"Not stunned that Uncle Tim is trending because how dare even one black person not follow the Democrats like the Pied Piper. How dare Sen Tim Scott have his own opinions and principles?"

Twitter allowed the hashtag to trend for hours before it was finally blocked.

Photo may have been deleted

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A Connecticut sports reporter was fired after calling Senator Tim Scott a racial slur in a now-deleted tweet.

Former News 12 sports reporter Fred Gerteiny was swiftly terminated when he referred to Scott as an "Uncle Tom" in a tweet that was captured by The Hill.

The Hill tweeted a link to their story about President Donald Trump saying, "stand back and stand by," in reference to a question from Biden about right-wing activist group, Proud Boys.

Scott said he thought the president "misspoke," and he called on the president to clarify the statement.

Gerteiny responded by tweeting, "Thanks Uncle Tom."

Photo may have been deleted

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Among the angry responders was David Dudenhoefer, who is running to replace Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib in the House of Representatives.

"Wow! Screenshots are forever @FredGerteiny! This is a disgrace," Dudenhoefer wrote. "You owe @SenatorTimScott an immediate apology!"

News 12 Network issued a statement following the public backlash.

"After reviewing the incident, the network released sports reporter, Fred Gerteiny, as a result of a racially insensitive comment. News 12 Networks has a zero-tolerance policy for racism or improper conduct based on race, and prides itself on being an objective and unbiased multi-platform news company."

When asked if he apologized, Gerteiny tweeted that he "wrote an email to Senator Scott."