Exclusive - Beyonce & Jay-Z Spend Quality Time With Blue Ivy In New Orleans

A blockbuster Life & Style magazine article confirms rumors that NY Power couple Jay Z and Beyonce are headed to divorce court.

Beyonce was just 19 when she met Jay Z, who is 12 years her senior. But the red flags flew early on in their storybook romance. By the time Jay Z and Beyonce married in 2008, he had already sired a son with video model Shenelle Scott.

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A British tabloid claims to have conclusive evidence about Jay Z's 7-year-old son, Isa. We have no idea what that evidence is, but the paper rehashes the same information we gave you when we first broke this story three years ago.

The paper says the boy and his mother, Shenelle Scott, are living large in a $2.5 million manse that Jay Z purchased for them on their native island of Trinidad. But we already knew that.

We also know that Shenelle has since gotten married, but we have no idea who the lucky guy is. All we know is that he is living large right along with Shenelle and Isa on Jay Z's dime. LOL.