Exclusive - Beyonce & Jay-Z Spend Quality Time With Blue Ivy In New Orleans

A blockbuster Life & Style magazine article confirms rumors that NY Power couple Jay Z and Beyonce are headed to divorce court.

Beyonce was just 19 when she met Jay Z, who is 12 years her senior. But the red flags flew early on in their storybook romance. By the time Jay Z and Beyonce married in 2008, he had already sired a son with video model Shenelle Scott.

Jay Z, Beyonce

The Life & Style magazine article profiles at least five women who Jay Z is rumored to have slept with.

Jay Z has been linked to curvy rapper Liv, an exotic woman of color whom he met in Miami. The 45-year-old rapper promptly asked Liv for her number so he could call her. The next time they met at Nobu, Jay Z allegedly cornered her in a hallway. “Solange was upset when she saw him talking to me,” Liv tells Life & Style.

Jay Z women

The father of 2 has also been linked with 1Oak VIP hostess Casey Cohen, a pretty young blond who starred on Bravo TV reality show Princesses Long Island. “He flirts with her and pours her champagne,” says a clubgoer.

There have also been reports of a late night rendezvous between the elder rapper and another young blond, Claudia Sheeler, a former Miss Belgium. Jay Z is said to have bought her $7,500 worth of champagne.

The aforementioned video model, Shenelle Scott, reportedly moved with her son, Isa, to be closer to Jay Z after the mansion he purchased for them in Trinidad mysteriously burned to the ground. Scott told friends she moved back to NY so her teenage son could be closer to his father, Jay Z.

Isa and Blue Ivy

Jay Z’s fans have noted the similarities between a young Isa and his half sister Blue Ivy (pictured above).

Bajan singer Rihanna has also been linked with Jay Z in the past. In fact, the rumors disturbed Rihanna so much that she can’t bear to make eye contact with him.

Designer Rachel Roy is rumored to be the spark that ignited that elevator blow up between Jay Z and Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles last month. Surveillance video captured Solange pummeling and kicking her brother-in-law relentlessly.

“He adores Beyonce,” a source told Life & Style. But the source also confirmed Jay Z’s numerous infidelities. “The reason Jay has a wandering eye is simple: He is a very powerful man and women throw themselves at him,” explained the source.

Jay z and Beyonce seen leaving the after party for Met Ball

Another source was more forthcoming about Jay Z and Solange’s volatile relationship:

“Beyonce knows everything about what’s going on with Jay Z and other women — and she knows most of it from Solange,” a source told Life & Style. “Solange is her little spy, basically.”

Rapper Liv added: “She has been guarding her sister’s property since day one. Bey doesn’t even have to say anything. Solange is a beast.” Another insider confirmed, “Solange is pushing Beyonce to get divorced.”

Sadly, Beyonce is too in Love with her husband to see the truth behind his lies. She thought having a child would make him change his ways.

Friends are confident that Beyonce will soon see the hopelessness of the situation. They say Beyonce is determined to keep her family together for Blue Ivy’s sake.

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