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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart split

It took two years, but singer/actress Jennifer Lopez finally unloaded her tranny-loving boyfriend Casper Smart.

For 2 years Lopez dismissed rampant rumors about her man's obsession for transsexual prostitutes.

Lopez's manager Benny Medina once famously said his client has never had a healthy relationship with men.

Medina didn’t directly say that J-Lo has an Addictive Personality, but I'm sure that’s what he meant.

“The thing that I always sort of wished is that she would give herself time to just naturally meet someone, instead of having obsessive guys pursue her,” Medina told Vogue magazine.

From In Flex We Trust:

J.Lo turned to an unlikely source of support shortly before calling it quits from her boyfriend of over two years, Casper Smart.

She turned to no other than her ex-husband Marc Anthony regarding her faltering relationship.

“One person she got advice from is her ex Marc…He’s been supportive and great through this all,” a source tells E! News.

And despite J.Lo and Smart’s breakup being “a long time coming,” the two are still on good terms.

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    • mszladyb

      Well it's about time. I'm tired of these old lady cougars making a fool of themselves with these young good for nothing boys. I don't care what age I am...I needs me a man!

    • buddapecan

      I can not wait to hear Wendy's commentary about this. LOL

    • sassyshe

      And despite J.Lo and Smart’s breakup being “a long time coming,” the two are still on good terms.
      Translation he signed a confidentiality agreement and got a nice payday like the chris dancer she had married

    • MrsL

      Love J.Lo, but she's probably already got another man waiting in the shadows. Just waiting for the press to die down on Casper. :scared:

    • LittleBigMouth

      JLO always has a player on the bench. Her men are like pez's in a dispenser, when one leaves another takes his place. As if when she went to Marc for advice he would have told her to stay, he probably wants his seat back. Jennifer needs to be by herself for a little

    • <–Doesn't Talk To Strangers

      She needs a powerful man to come and cuff her up right quick :lol:
      BUT powerful men rarely are faithful or have time to follow you around sooooooo :shrug:

      Hmmmm I just want her to get a cat that doesn't look so RootiePooish :kona:

    • libra80sbaby

      J Lo need to sat her fine ass down and just :hump: leave the money and confidentiality agreement on the dresser, and say :bye: don't call me, I'll call least for a little while

    • OpinionHated

      Good her vagina needs to air out..... she go through men like a hot knife through butter.... as my granny would say go cool ya c*nt.....

    • ms_no-no



    • Smonae

      JLO :applause: finially got rid of him, Casper was only wit her to meet a rich gay man & spend her money

    • MissL

      JLO is one of those women that don't like being alone they jump from one relationship to another as a way to get over the next one. I have friend who do the same thing she told me she don't like being alone she must have someone to keep her back warm at night smh