Former HOT 107.9 air personality Ramona DeBreaux is now with V-103, it was announced today during the Ryan Cameron show. DeBreaux will work part time as an on-air personality. DeBreaux and Cameron have worked together in the past at HOT 107.9 when the station’s call letters were HOT 97.5.

  • bigjenn22

    you mean, frequency numbers…


    Yeah, I heard about the announcement LIVE while at work. I am so happy for Ramona, I missed her on 107.9. I liked listening to her, she was a VERY opinionated woman. But Ryan never mentioned if she was going to be on the show with him or not. He made it seems that she would be assisting more with promotions and not hosting along side of him. Anyway, Congrats to Ramona!!!!!:)

  • milly

    WOW…I guess money talks and bull-ish doesnt

  • etherealnegro

    This is a VERY welcomed change if in fact she does sit along side RC. The “I’m down” attitude of the current co-host are just not cutting it for me. When Ryan and Ramona were together at Hot they had a true chemistry that is non-existent today on radio. Besides, Ramona is finer than frog’s hair.

  • 2thick4u

    I remember seeing a posting on her ont he old blog…she was doing new things. Well congrats and hope she is back on the air!!!


    so what about Elle? she’s sorta a co-host/traffic girl in a way. oh well. i know Ramona has more experience…and Elle seems to have other projects going on. But i don’t know if Ryan really needs a co-host. Hmmmm…it could work, we’ll see.

  • lnp03

    Congratulations to Ramona! I am very happy for her. She worked as the Music Director for Hot 107.9. She has a lot of music knowledge and experience. She will be a great asset to V-103 in any position.

  • NaturalFromHead2Toe

    It seems as if Ryan and Elle have a good chemistry. I guess I’ll tune in one day so I can hear the new lady.