Troubled Singer El DeBarge spoke with about his recent arrest, drug problems and his struggles to clean up his act and resurrect his career. When given the chance to dismiss those pesky rumors about the alleged child his brother James and Janet Jackson had together – El, instead, added fuel to the fire:

AHHA: There’s a rumor that your brother James fathered Janet Jackson’s child although she denied it in 2005. For the record, are you an uncle to Janet’s daughter?

El DeBarge: Well, you know it has been in the media for a long time. It has been a whisper and a “hush, hush” kind of thing. “I wonder if there’s a baby.” I’ve never seen this child. I’ve yet to see it. It’s something we don’t talk about whenever we see Janet. We don’t speak about it. My brother Janet and James – that info is privy to them. We just, you know, they’ll let us know when they’re ready to talk about it. We just respect it. [laughs]

  • musicisourhigh

    Who knows what the story is about this. You never know if people like to keep it going for publicity or not

  • blackgyrl

    Wonder if he was high during the interview???

  • h0tsauce

    I believe they do have a baby!! Where is Chico!?!?!

  • http://IMG GAPEACH

    I really don’t think it truly matters if she had a child; people need to leave the past behind and move forward. If they keep looking back,they will miss what’s calling them in the front. Maybe that’s why the DEBARGE family aren’t moving forward they are STUCK in the past.

  • Crap Talker

    He need to shad up and put that crack pipe down for good. Tombout Janet will not bring you fame so just hush up fool! We all know that Janet the Freak is secretive as hell but the truth will come to light. El Debarge need a haircut, a suit and a sandwich.

  • http://IMG GAPEACH

    LOL @ El Debarge need a haircut, a suit and sandwich; I know that’s right Crap Talker. LOL

  • DMNB

    It wouldn’t make sense for Janet to keep a child a secret all these year, come on now.

  • licia

    i’m so sick of hearing about this child. how can anyone keep a child hidden for all this time and no one knows anything? i think they are just using the fact that janet can be very secretive about her life to their advantage to keep their name in the limelight. if there is a hidden love child or whatever then janet is dead wrong for hiding this, but this family is wrong as well .

  • Sharonda

    LOL I mean the people ask the question of course you going to respond or we wouldn’t be discussing it.You people are hella weird.But I don’t know how his statement is fueling more the fire…

  • Bird

    I think El was just keeping it real. He didn’t come up with a scripted response. He basically said, if the child exists, I have never seen it. That’s between Janet and James.

    All I know is that I saw the damn article in Jet when I was 18. They announced Janet’s pregnancy. I saw that with my own two eyes and I will never forget it because I kept waiting for the baby to come and it never did and was never mentioned again until now. I assumed she had an abortion.

  • Angel_Minded

    @ Bird

    Funny, I don’t ever recall that in Jet Magazine. And if there was any truth to this supposed article, I’m sure it would have surfaced on one of these black blogs by now.

  • AreUForReal

    @ Bird

    Thank You!!!! I remember hearing about it when I was a little girl and 2 of my aunts remember the article too, because they had a picture of her and James together. He was standing behind her, and both of them had their hands on her belly!! Talking about secret marriages and babies! YEAH RIGHT!!!

  • AreUForReal

    @ Angel_Minded

    Not true celebs pay to have pics, articles, and videos disappear. Are you forgetting how much pull the Jackson name still had 20 yrs. ago?

  • TemiekaM

    Umm I just wanna know how the child look.*blank stare*

  • Bird

    11Angel_Minded Says:

    @ Bird

    Funny, I don’t ever recall that in Jet Magazine. And if there was any truth to this supposed article, I’m sure it would have surfaced on one of these black blogs by now.

    I know you don’t know me from Adam, but I promise you I don’t get on blogs and lie to get mess started. I read that article myself. I didn’t hear about it, I saw it. I was so happy for them because I was so down for Janet defying her parents at that time. I was a teen myself and almost got slapped in the mouth for singing “Control” extra loud around my mother. lol

    Anyway, I’m not lying. The article was there and like I said the story disappeared so thoroughly, that I assumed she got an abortion. Adoption is fine too, but once that article came out the cat was out of the bag and now the DeBarge’s are talking about it.

  • aqtpie

    Wow they put him on the spot. :X

  • Bsoul

    If she can hide a marriage certificate for years, she can hide the fact that she mothered a child.

    I don’t know if it’s true or not, but saying it definitely isn’t true doesn’t make it NOT true.

    If she had the child it’s nobody’s business but her own. However, it must be painful to the child to know your mom denied you publicly. She should have just not said anything; providing an answer opens up the responsibility of telling the truth.

    If I were the child, I’d be ticked…but I’d still love her as my mother.

    *driving up to Reebie’s house to see Lil-what’s-her-name.*
    I’m just playing! LOL!

  • aqtpie

    Bsoul Said:
    *driving up to Reebie’s house to see Lil-what’s-her-name.*
    I’m just playing! LOL!
    LOL!! Lil Renee =)

  • Nice

    @ Bird

    I remember seeing it in Jet also. I have been telling people for years about it. Glad to know others saw it too.

  • corporatesistah

    OMG, I never post but I remember the Jet article also! Thank God someone else remembers/saw it! At the time, it was one of the reasons she was leaving that season of the TV show FAME! Thanks for validating that I was not delusional!

  • crystal

    @ bird i seen that article too. and it was another one in the ebony or essence magazine with Janet on the cover and the article was “Janet and Mother hood” something with that effect and it was about her and James Debarge expecting a baby. Then after that you never seen that magazine or heard anything about it again. If you look back at some old videos of Janet you can tell that she was pregnant in some of them. (in the “When i think of you” video she was heavy but it looked like a pregnant kind of heaviness rather than the weight we seen on her this past year being on the heavy side.

  • crystal

    @11Angel_Minded Back then the Jacksons were on every magazine cover and i am sure back then they had some peoples to mysterious have the magazine$$ removed. I collected many magazines back then like “right on and black beat. but damm i should of held on to that magazine and besides at that time to me the magazine was a magazine for grown ups. lol. so i kept my “Right on” and my “black beat” magazines

  • Sandra Rose

    11Angel_Minded Says:

    @ Bird

    Funny, I don’t ever recall that in Jet Magazine. And if there was any truth to this supposed article, I’m sure it would have surfaced on one of these black blogs by now.

    If there were such an article someone would have found it by now. I don’t believe Jet or Ebony would be involved in any conspiracy to make those articles disappear.

  • Bird

    Sandra! It’s so nice to “see” you again. I’ve missed you in the comments section. Now if you were family or a friend, I might be offended that you are calling me a liar or a dilusional person. Since you are just my favorite blogger who I don’t know and will likely never even lay eyes on, it’s all good. I know what I saw and its funny that the DeBarge’s come out with the story making the child exactly to right age to fit in the time frame that Jet reported Janet to be pregnant. I wonder how that happened. lol

    I bet that young lady is drop dead gorgeous.

  • Bird

    Janet’s “neice” I mean. I’m sure she’s drop dead gorgeous. With Rebbie as her mom and some mulatto dude as her dad.

  • MZN

    Well, if I was Janet, I would keep that a secret too. Maybe she doesnt want her son/daughter (I am assuming she has a daughter) in the limelight like she was growing up. Maybe she wants her son/daughter to have a completely different life. So if she keeps that a secret, good. That’s nobody’s business but hers.

  • ms. hershey

    he needs to concentrate on getting clean and stop trying to stir up unnecessary controversy. period

  • crystal

    I doubt she had an abortion. She was a Johovah witness. I believed that she was pregnant because i remember reading the same article also. No one knows her motives on why she is hiding the fact that she gave birth to a baby girl approx 20 something years ago. and the fact that she hid her marriage to Renee (punk ass) whatever his name was. I guessed it was to protect her career at that time i am guessing. But everything in the dark will come to a light. Some one mentioned Rebbies other secrect niece. I seen a picture of her too she looks just like Janet. (it was a family reunion photo in a backyard of i think janets parents house. (the girl had on a baseball cap) But the article never said who daughter she was (Marlon. Titto, Jackies or Jermaine.)

  • Taimia1


    You’re right there is a child!! About 5 years ago this guy I know (who’s good friends/grew up with the Jacksons) got drunk and told the business. He even let me see a picture of her. It was a old picture, but she looked just like Janet from the Good Time’s days! From what he said, the girl (I think her name is Brandy) doesn’t (or didn’t at the time) even KNOW that Janet is her mother. She has only know Janet as “Auntie Janet”. He said one of her brothers (can’t remember which one) and his wife raised her. He also said the Jackson’s paid the Debarge’s a LOT of money to keep quiet!!

    I was sooooo shocked when he was telling me I couldn’t close my mouth. Coming from him, I KNOW it’s the truth! He’s known them since they were all kids and they are very close. Michael Jackson fronted him money to start his business and everything. He is still really close with Joe Jackson and he even attended a couple of Michael’s court hearings. After that night I never mentioned it again, because I know he only did all that talking because he was drunk!

    Janet has a baby and she might as well admit it! What kinda women could still deny it after all these years?! I understand she may have been pressured back then, but come on…you’re a grown ass woman now!

  • UtopiaLivesHere

    I don’t think we should be listening to or taking anything that a junkie says seriously.

  • kwallace577

    about 2-3 years ago when all of this janet-got-a-baby was at its fever pitch i had a flashback to 2002. i helped my aunt who is around the same age as janet clean out my grandparents (her parents) attic. she had boxes and boxes of old mags from when she was in college. right-on, wordup!, jet, etc. in one of the boxes was a sept. 1984 jet magazine. that is the edition the article is in. i have read it and i remember reading it. it said they were expecting a baby “in the spring”. i just checked wiki and the only thing there is a record of is them getting in spring 1985 is annulled. but i can remember me and my aunt saying “someone obviously took that field trip to the clinic…”

    well maybe not. i will call my aunt to see if she saved that mag b/c she indeed saved some of them. but SOMEBODY else out there got a sept. 1984 jet.

  • 2bme

    There is a story that goes that the baby was raised by Rebbie..she is in her early 20’s now and runs a dance studio in LA..pure speculation no one really knows