The photo circulating the Internets of former Miss USA and successful actress and author Kenya Moore in a wedding dress is from a scene in a movie called "Haitian Nights" currently being filmed in LA and Haiti. Remember, if you don't see it on it probably isn't true.

From a press release:

Kenya will play the role of Nadine Casey, a beautiful and accomplished MBA who has developed her own cosmetics line. She captures the heart and eye of Rudolph Lézard, a high-powered and successful Haitian American Attorney and business man. Once married, Nadine discovers Rudolph was unfaithful during their courtship with the daughter of a Voodoo Priest. Although kind, strong, and compassionate, Nadine's love for Rudolph is tested as she battles for her life and her love for her new husband when they try to destroy the couple.Director Marc Cayce adds, "I've been trying to get Miss Moore on one of my films for years now. As our leading lady, Kenya brings a certain unexpected refinement and dignity to the character and to the film. She has fierce drive and determination to take direction well and make great choices that drive the character. She loves creating many complicated and interesting layers for her role. I believe this project will really highlight how much she has grown as an actor. She's amazing!"

Barry L. Florence and Katena Keno

  • 2thick4u

    She looked cute all dressed in white!!!!


    she's truly beautiful. anyway Sandra you know that u have posted some untrue things on your blog too...stop playing now. you have even come out with apologies saying that you had been proven you don't always post truth. the thing is no one always knows what is true...we see a story and at times we run with it! that's media! if we are wrong we say...oops and print the truth. oh well. a friend of mine, Lachelle Morris had a chance to interview Kenya Moore and she talks about this new film. you can check out the interview in the Atlanta section of the Honey Magazine blogs!

  • 2bme

    not sure about the ctackhead look but there was a reason she was voted Miss USA..she's stunning in the first pic

  • 2bme

    hehe..let me clarify as in the wedding dress shown prevously...

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    That lightskin man be in all the Naitian movies lol.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    oops.. Haitian. shame on me.

  • Negrito

    Kenya Moore is definitely one of the most gorgeous women out there. She's just SO HOT!!!!! Unfortunatelly she's not a very good actress.

  • Bird

    Well ain't that some mess. How did the bloggers get that so messed up?

  • Sharonda

    Hmmmm haven't seen them.Is that Luda's chick?

  • Goliano

    "Remember, if you don’t see it on it probably isn’t true."

    Help... I'm choking!

  • licia

    i read on another blog that they emailed fake stories to ************ to show how really fake that blog is . mediatakeout took the bait and posted all the stories as exclusives . i believe this was one of the the stories.

    anyway miss kenya has alot going on . movies, books, and appearances on tv shows. can't knock her hustle. good to know that she used her miss usa title to further herself . most ( not all ) people get the title and being miss usa is all that they have going for them . they never go any further than that.

  • milly

    Shes a beautiful woman but....Is that really a wedding dress or bathing suit.

  • brinabelle

    Remember, if you don’t see it on it probably isn’t true.
    lmfao! thanx

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  • Negrito

    Does anyone know who Kenya Moore is dating? She's a gorgeous woman but I never hear any rumors about her.