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Rev Run's daughters Angela and Vanessa Simmons are millionaires just like their daddy and their uncle rap mogul Russell Simmons. According to sources, the Simmons sisters' wildly popular Pastry Kicks sneaker line has sold well over $15 million worth of shoes to date.

That makes the girls - who share a hefty percentage of the upfront sales - instant millionaires. No wonder Bow Wow was sniffing around Angela. It's good to have a woman who stacks her own cheese and not yours!

The Simmons sisters just released their line of Ugg boots, called Marshmallows, which will be in Finish Line stores beginning next week. Congrats to them!

  • licia

    that is a powerful and rich BLACK family . they are very business savvy and i applaud rev. run and russell for teaching these ladies the business.

  • Angel_Minded

    Hmmm....for real? I've never seen anyone wear their shoes. But I might buy some of their boots, if their cute..


    wow! i want to get those shoes...cute. i'm very happy for them. they are young and luckily have access to lots of information based off of who the family is. what a blessing.

  • AreUForReal

    I love these sister!! They both seem to be very laid back intelligent woman. But, is ot just me or does Angela seem to be the one with all the business sense?

  • Slimlady727

    I never seen anyone with them shoes on either. Personally, Im not a fan of all the colors in one shoe but the Ugg boots I may have to check out.

    Well congrats to them

  • 2thick4u

    I might buy the Ugg boots (I'm is to hot for that in Houston) but those shoes, the color combination ain't cute on most of them, so I will pass.

    As for the 15 million...let me see a link to a Forbes report because I have yet to see them flying off the shelf :)!!!

  • 2thick4u

    Oh yeah I forgot...whatever amount of shoes they sold I am proud because they are getting their paper legally and legit!!!

    They are a smart family:)!!!

  • Bird

    Jeez, I'm beginning to feel like a know it all always correcting Sandra. I swear I'm not like that it real life, but Sandra twists things and I hate for my people to be misinformed. Especially on a public forum.

    Anyway, the girl's shoe line had 15 million in revenue not 15 million in profits. We don't know what the profits were, if any, and what percentage of the profits they receive. So Sandra got a little ahead of herself calling them millionaires.

  • Smokie

    Dang, that was some easy money.

  • AreUForReal

    Hey Smokie!! Where you been chic?

  • Common Sense

    I really don't blame Al B Sure. He is after all the boy's FATHER. I wonder did Combs even involved him (Al B. Sure) in the planning. If he didn't, I think it's very disrespectful. Besides I am tired of Combs, every since that cheesecake thing. (ha ha) The dang nerve. Why are all these folks spoiling children this way. The whole meaning behind the "Sweet 16" has changed something awful over the years. Yes, that day is special, but give me a break. The boy's MOTHER should step up and say something.
    Sorry for the rant! -smile-

  • Crap Talker

    If you're family is already worth millions of dollars it's not that hard to come up with an idea to make profit...I mean c'mon...

  • miamore73

    I actually plan on buying a pair for my 14 year old daughter for Christmas. They run about 65 bucks though so I'm still deciding.

  • dblaq

    Well there is a bunch of millionaire athletes and artists that just can't get it right. As many of their business to spiral back flips

  • Sharonda

    Finally some women in the industry who isn't selling their bodies!Congrats to them this what young woman should aspire to be..SOMEBODY!I don't know if it makes them instant millionairs just because they sold 15 million shoes.But Im proud of them anyways.

  • brinabelle

    im sure they were millionaires before they got in the shoe business..i doubt that daddy run & uncle russell didnt set up some dough aside for these chicks from their birth..anyways i am very proud of angie & nessa, they are doing it big!..good for them..also i thought it was 25mill?

  • aqtpie

    Wow I'm proud of them. Even if they used their last name to get them in the door, that's the easy part, maintaining is the hard part and it looks like they are doing just that. Kudos Simmons family.

    I saw one of Ki-Ki's episodes, were Aoki and Ming Lee had to approve all sketches for their new clothing line and they were giving ideas of what they liked and didn't like about some of the sketches, so they are already being introduced to the industry.

  • Nadine

    They make the Laguna Beach kids look like big fat LOSERS!!! Black folks, take heed....we need to teach our kids how to maintain wealth once we've achieved it. And if we aint nevva achieved wealth, we need to teach our kids how to do better than us. Good Job Rev. Run! Kimora's kids aren't going to be as successful. They look spoiled.

  • milly

    Congrats! but them shoes are a lil too much..maybe I should start my own shoe line.


    Congrats, I love them, Angela is my age so I look at her and her sister Vanessa as inspiration because they are young, black, and smart so I'm glad they are representing black women the right way and I do want a pair of Fab Cookies but right now I don't have that type of money but congrats whether the information is correct or not.

    Love Run's House!


    Congrats 2 the Simmons Sisters, but I'm amazed that they sold that many pairs of Pastry sneakers. I don't own a pair, and I've only saw one person wearing a pair. I think they r cute, especially for teenagers, but shouldn't they have already been categorized as millionaires with money already being in the family?

  • ELove

    When Run's House first came out I thought the older sister was So Fine... But Now SHE looks too skinny to me and the Younger one seems to be the Hot One now ;-)

  • ms.peaches

    I love these girls they are smart, pretty, & hard workers I love the family connection that they have u don't hear of them partying & having issues with drugs I think Rev. did a goood job with this family & I got a pair of the double chocoalte chips the were only $60 which isn't bad these days u can expect to pay a good $100 plus for anything Jordan comes out with so kudos to them & there future endeavors!!

  • cta

    Congratulations to them, if they did make a success of this line. Personally, I think 90% of the stuff isn't that great, but then I'm not a teenage girl so I might not know what I'm talking about.

    I also have to say, it's great that they have the entrepeneurial spirit, but unfortunately, most people can't say "Daddy I want to start a sneaker line/magazine" and get a meeting with a CEO and financial team the next day.

    But the fact that they did make some of their ideas come to fruition, and aren't just a couple of Paris Hiltons, is commendable.

  • 2bme

    I am not mad at the Simmons' family AT ALL!

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