It was a tough decision for her to make, but V-103's Porsche Foxx confirmed that Vivica Fox appears in a controversial sex tape that is currently making the rounds.

In the tape, an apparently inebriated Vivica can be seen on her knees servicing a male friend who surreptitiously taped the encounter on his cell phone. Allegedly the man, who lives in Atlanta, emailed the tape to friends who emailed it to Vivica. She quickly forwarded the tape to a friend at the Atlanta police department.

It isn't known if Vivica filed an official complaint with the police or if she asked her police friend to handle the situation privately. At any rate, men tattle worse than females - especially here in the ATL - so the tape got out.

One of my loyal reader's promised me she would send the link to the tape but I'm still waiting... I am hoping someone will send me a link to the tape for educational purposes only, of course.

  • Smokie

    I can't wait to see if Vivica's head game is as good as Superhead's. This tape WILL surface. I just wish the dude was famous too. Damn!

  • miamore73

    Vivica is dumb as all hell.

  • J Gats Juice

    poor thing..... did she not see a cell phone aimed at her? sick as it is, i cant wait to see the footage either (for the same educational reasons :) )

  • ReadTheBlog

    LOL...Ole Vivica! Oh well, I'm not surprised. Who doesn't have a tape out? That pic is a HAM! That coat and that weave looking like it came from the same source! LMAO!

  • etherealnegro

    hell, who cares!!!?? she looks like that older aunt you have still tryin'to do the soulja boy... when your time comes bow out gracefully.

  • ELove

    ALL I want to know is if SHE swallows...
    With her history of plastic surgery I'll guess she takes it down the throat ;-)

  • kdillon

    V is so nasty to me! I think she never acts her age because she is always trying to be all in the parties, the younger guys, and just the lifestyle she tries to have like she is 20 again. I guess the look is desperate.

  • 2thick4u

    Vivica is to old for this. I hope that this doesn't surface because I don't want to see Vivica giving a nobody head. Her ass wasn't drunk...she was sober and freaky!!!

  • tina12

    Not buying this! How can you be giving head and not notice someone taping? Internet is a cruel place sometimes!

  • Bsoul

    What happened to just being a lady? Drunk and servicing a "friend" on your knees? Come on Vi-Vi....

  • Nisha

    She is a grown woman! Thats all I have to say

  • miamore73

    Yeah but she's a grown women with a career and the way all these internet sex things play out. She should of been smarter than this. She had to see that phone drunk or not she had to know what would happen. It's just stupid IMO.

    Unless this was really done on purpose as a way to help her career. It did help Kim Kardashian.

  • tbrown

    She should've been on the lookout for this. And don't be that drunk to where you can't discern a camera or phone with a camera pointed in your direction...especially by the dude you're doing. Poor Aunt Viv....moving on :lol:

  • Sharonda

    Hmmmmm well well well.Are sex tapes becoming "the come up" now and days?Or just doing it for fun?With technology these how do you not know that anything will get released through the internet?I blame youtube.

  • JamesfromGoodtimes

    Where is the link? (And I don't need no hook for this...)

  • BayArea

    I guess he won't be getting anymore "head" LOL

  • no12blame

    Vivica needs to quit drinking period. It was bad enough when she lost her wig in public and the DUI. Now there's video of her cosmetic lip skills. Lawd!

  • ms.peaches

    I knew it I knew it damn poor Viv oh well maybe this is what she needs to come up after 50 kicked her to the curb she hasn't been the same since & like everyone said how can you not know that you are being taped there isn't enough Hennesy in the world!! We Got TO Do Better

  • ms.peaches

    Another thing I thought about was if this dude is a nobody why would he do that to prove to people he had Vivica honestly who does that is he still in high school??(lol)



  • MoRee

    This actually makes me sad because i always saw her as a SBW but over the last years she has really lost it...i would have never guessed her cause she's TOO DAMN OLD FOR THIS ISH!!!!

    she didn't see the camera? were her eyes closed? aww viv you gotta stop messing with scrubs.....

  • allnatural

    Don't drink and suck.

  • ELove

    @Nisha... No No No You must say MORE!!! ;-)

    @no12blame... You are Too Funny
    "Her Cosmetic lip skills" Hell Naw

    @ms.peaches... THAT is So True about 50 Cent
    Now the alcohol (Hennesy) is a Whole Nother Topic ;-)

    And for all the Freaky-All-Nite-Any-Nite ladies... Don't Listen to @allnatural ;-)

  • allnatural

    @Elove... that's funny, but you can suck drunk all you want, but you may end up on someone's video. Don't say nobody warned you!

  • Tmekio

    Vivica needs to be GLAD somebody even wants some head from her TIRED "career on the rocks" azz...

    She needs to suck some MORE d*cks so she can be on the come up!!

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    hELLLLLLLLLLL nAWWWWWWWW! Thats without a doubt the craziest sh*t i've read about so far today! Vivica needs to throw in the towel, I'm sorry sweetheart but you're done. You, Gabriel, and Sanaa can blame it on the blogs all you want, but the bottom line is YOU Make it ALLLLLLL possiBLE! With that said a candlelight visual will be held in LA for the memory of Vivica's best films Set It Off, Soul Food, Independece Day (the small part she played), awww damn I can't even remember the rest. That has to be a bad sign....Vivica back out baby, take a bow, not a KNEE (tee hee hee) and just back out.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    Oh yea and i second that comment about 50 cent, Did he have her blackballed or something!!! Her and Trina are running neck and neck for "The Saddest B**ch" title '07

  • milly

    allnatural Says:

    Don’t drink and suck.

    LMAO @ that comment

  • ELove

    @allnatural... I'm ALL MAN BABY
    w/ Plenty of that-Man-yogurt ;-)

  • shhhh

    I haven't liked Vivica every since she went crazy over 50 like she did and wouldn't stop yapping her mouth off about him. I remeber her on some late night talk show and she would NOT stop talking about 50 cent, even after the host guy kept trying to change the subject. She came off very crazy and nuts.

  • allnatural

    HAHA, okay, so now I get your comment about the chicks not listening to the "don't drink and suck" comment. Boy, you need to stop! LOL!

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  • SouthernLegalDiva

    WTH? Why would she forward this to the police department? She knows (or should have known) that the police stations have more leaks than the titanic. should have forwarded it to her attorney for an immediate cease and desist letter. Because she didn't do this, I think she wanted this video to get out. How do you mistakenly give drunken head? that has got to be a new record. Vivica you know you did this for attention. Girl, take your own advice and "get it together."

  • hellava10

    She's wrong for that billy goat fur coat on a manufactured body. Where is PETA? She's a HOT DAMN MESS~!!

    Ok, let's just say she had her eyes closed during her performance and didn't see the little red light from his phone. He's foul for not staying focused on the activity at hand. She needs #$%@101 classes, he should have had his eyes rolling back in his head and no energy to record squat.

  • musicisourhigh

    Since she was drunk who knows if she even knew what was going on but dang.

    Hoping for better choices in 2008 for everyone

  • 2bme

    Vivica is too damn old to get this drunk and not know what's going on in her surroundings...Aunt Viv needs to catch a clue...this is past ridiculous I can't feel sorry for her



  • ELove

    @SLD said ... How do you mistakenly give drunken head?

    Y'all Ladies ARE Too Funny Today !!!
    (This post is a Keeper) ;-)


    It's cool if the sista gets down like that, but what I can't figure out is...... Why would she let a guy that don't give a $#!T about her put his unit in her mouth!?

    Nice guys always finish last......

  • MissJones

    I'm 23 and I WISH Vivica would grow up. Is it just me or does it seem she has down spiraled since her involment with 50?!?! I mean he did put her out there and left her to dry :-(

  • brinabelle

    bullshit..Viv saw the cam..there is no way in hell she was so drunk she was giving him head and had her eyes closed and not ONCE opened them to see his camera phone in her face..especially if he is/isnt moaning..Viv you need to take a seat..

  • Certified one

    N-O-O-O--O-O Lady V say it ain't so! Viv looks like a Ole freak too. See that's what happens when u mess wit low budget WANKSTERS! They wanna call a "drunk" sista out.Lol! So... that's why 50 was in love & wantin to tell the world(until she started talking too much & getting too comfortable). I guess she sucked the "Magic Stick" so good she made him take her to the awards hand in hand & dressed alike wit the same colors like we back in the 80's. Maybe that's why she has bigger lips now too b/c she had to do too much work wit the old ones! I'm sorry but this takes the cake hun. Viv need to sit her ole a** down somewhere & she needs to stop mixing anti-depressants wit alcohol in the "08" okay. Well, bless her heart,But I still wanna see that tape though! *WINK*

  • Certified one

    @ brinabelle

    Oh yeah & brinabelle...u created a great mental picture girl. R u sure u weren't taping it???I ain't mad @ u girl get that Money!LOL, JKG.

  • lexdiamonz

    umm suck it Viv hell it made Kim K and Pam and Paris famous do you!!!!!! and yall know 50 turned her out from the neck down he is FYOINE!!!!

  • aqtpie

    I'm with you Certified one, she had 50 until she started opening up her big a$$ mouth. I'm at a loss of words for Viv.

  • davis

    publicity stunt. Kim Kardashian anyone

  • Sharonda

    What 50 say about her?Sorry I don't keep up with 50 like that.

  • ms.peaches

    I know he supposedly took a stay away order out on her cause the broad is crazy as far as what he had to say about her all you have to do is listen to his music he stay trying to throw shots at her from time to time!! He must of had some good D cause she ain't been right since I heard she was trying to get at his baby moma & all that! Vivica should have stayed married to that dud 69 or whatever his name was now I think she trying to relive those high school days by acting like a promiscuious teen (excuse the spelling)

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  • dapo

    Goodness Vivica...the least she could've done was make sure she did this with someone noteworthy (i.e. Diddy, Jay-Z, Me). That would upgrade her.

    Now she's just another "jump" in the club, and will get hit on by anyone from the bouncer to the guy selling mints in the bathroom.

    ...and...she definitely will not be starring in any wholesome black movies anytime soon. Maybe she'll have a chance on "Video MILFs Gone Wild"

  • brinabelle

    lmao @ certified one..i was just

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    Where's the link? I want to see it.